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Pictures_wild_cats_sad_lion.jpgI've found that most people who love domestic cats also love wild cats. So I wanted to tell you about the Lion Guardians Blog. It's run by Antony Kasanga, Assistant Director or the Lion Guardians program and he writes about the events of the lions in the area of Kenya he protects.

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Lion Guardians was started in 2006 in response to the slaughter of over 150 lions since 2001. The Lion Guardians, teach people about the lions and to monitor the movements of the lions. They are trying to equip each lion with a GPS tracking unit so they can map out where the lions go.

I've always wanted to get up close to a wild cat, cheetahs in particular but I know that will never happen, and probably shouldn't ever happen because wild cats are unpredictable.

Just like our little "wild" cats that live with us who are are unpredictable at times. You know what I mean, those sudden outbursts of energy that has your cat racing around the house and jumping on furniture, defying gravity. Wild cats are exactly the same except hundreds of pounds heavier and a thousand times stronger. I certainly wouldn't want to be around when a 400 lb lion gets a burst of energy like that!

But it is painful for me to think that people are out there who kill these beautiful, intelligent and compassionate animals for sport, religion or medicine. In some cases people have encroached on the wild cat's territory so much that suddenly there are wild cats in people's backyards. Forced out of their territory, these cats get caught in a maze of people, houses, gunfire and in some cases spears. Imagine what that must be like, one day you are hanging out with your pride and then next minute you're being shot at, simply because you were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Thanks to people like Antony, whoare helping to preserve these precious wild forms of our in house lovey dovey domestic cats. So check out the Lion Guardian Blog to find out what is going on with African Lions in Kenya.

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