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UPDATE: Lost wild lion cat found, read here.

lost-lion-maniwaki-quebec.jpgWell imagine the look of shock on the local police dispatcher's face when they got the call that an African Lion was on the loose in Maniwaki Quebec!

Apparently the cat was new to the area and only purchased two days ago by an unidentified man in the area. According to reports, the cat was tied to a pole in front of the man's house. Ingenious. The 70 kg lion eventually broke loose of the pole and started roaming the area.

The obvious fear is that once the cat becomes hungry, it may pose a real threat to local residents.

According to many people, the lion is domesticated. The reality is that an African Lion is never domesticated and they are not meant to be pets. No one understands how how or why the owner was able to obtain a wild lion.

This is another example of why wild cats are not meant to be domesticated. In the last few months, two individuals have been attacked by "domesticated" cheetahs in separate events and a lady was attacked during a photo-shoot after attempting to pose with a wild African Lion.

These animals are not pets, they are wild animals. The operative word being "wild" and that implies that the cats are obviously unpredictable.

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chinese_market_cat_meat.jpgPlanning on going to the the Olympic games in Bejing this year? If you're dining in any of the local restaurants in town, you might want to stay away from a dish that is commonly called "The Dragon and the Tiger." Why you ask? Well...the main ingredient of this dish is your common domestic house cat. The dish is also referred to as "Dragon Meets Tiger," "A Scramble of Dragon and Tiger," "Dragon Duels with Tiger" and so on. Needless to say, you might want to stay away from any dish that has the word Tiger in it.

What's even more interesting about the Chinese practice of eating cats is the method by which they prepare the meat. The Chinese place a great importance on the freshness of their meat, therefore many restaurants in Bejing use the "boiling alive" method. Simply put, the chef bludgeons the cat to near incapacity and then places the still live cat in boiling water, some chefs believe in boiling the cat to death and others believe in boiling the cat for a short period of time and then placing the cat in cold water. The cold water is used to stop the cooking process and this allows the chef to remove the fur of the still live cat. Many chefs believe that the more the cat suffers, the better the meat will be. The practice of boiling alive also means that the blood of the cat will still be found within the meat supposedly improving the flavor of the the meat. It should also be noted that most cats remain alive within the boiling water for anywhere from 8 to 15 seconds.

One of my new favorites that was just placed online a few days ago. Check it out...

cat_fur_trade_pelts.jpgBeing a Canadian, I'm accustomed to reading and seeing various protests against the Canadian Seal Fur trade every year. This year is no exception, throughout the blogosphere, print media and tv, images and video are shown of Canadian hunters thumping baby seals on the head and then proceeding to remove the pelt off of the animal.

Do I agree with the killing baby seals? Absolutely not. I think it's a barbaric senseless act and I can truly say it's the one thing about Canada that I'm not proud to be part of. Having said that, the seal hunt in Canada is closely regulated, from the time of year, to the numbers of seals, to the methods of execution and fur removal. All aspects of the hunt have laws and most hunters follow them.

Every year PETA and HSUB get up in arms about the Canadian seal hunt and manage to get millions in dollars in donations from a captive marked fueled by news reports and videos of baby seals being slain.

But there are some countries out there (Russia, Norway and Greenland) where the rules and regulations are not followed as closely. Why aren’t there protests about the conditions surrounding those seal hunts? You can’t protest the Canadian seal hunt where it’s relatively humane and not see a difference between Canada and those countries where in some cases, the seal is still alive when the fur is being torn off of his body.

Have you ever seen three cats move perfectly in unison? Hilarious....

I think I have a new favorite funny cat video, I've never seen a cat yodel before!

Well they could have picked better music for this video but the real point of this video is to watch how this guy avoids being attacked by a full grown lion. Kind of makes you wonder why people put themselves in this position. Obviously the guy shooting the video has a large caliber guy fixated on the cat in the event he attacks the photographer. I'd love to see the pictures he took though!

european_cave_lion.jpgThe scientific name for this cat is Panthera Leo Spelaea but it is more commonly known as the European Cave Lion, European Lion or the Cave Lion.

The European Cave Lion first appeared in Europe around 500 000 to 700 000 years ago. Paintings of this cat have been found in many European caves depicting the animal hunting together in teams similar to current modern day lions.

What is a Liger you ask? Well a Liger is the offspring of a father lion and a mother tiger. What happens when you breed these animals together is pretty incredible. No one understand why when you breed these animals together, you are left with a Liger that can weigh more than both parents combined.

Over the coming weeks we'll be taking a look at all the cross breed types like Tigons, Li-Liger, Li-tigon, Ti-liger and Ti-Tigons.

This dramatic video shows you exactly how large Ligers can become.

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An oldy but still a really funny video. This funny cat video is one of my all time favorites.

So I just spent an hour cooking these gourmet ribs on the barbecue. Just as I'm about to sit down and eat them, my cat Maddy takes my seat and gets ready to chow down. Can you believe the nerve? Needless to say, every time I cook these ribs, she's very affectionate with me.


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See a 400 lbs African Lion hug and kiss his rescuer!

Woman gets tackled by a lion at a Photoshoot!

These ringtones will drive your cat crazy...

Unless something is done soon, most of these cats won't be around too much longer. Limited efforts are being taken to try and save most of these cats. The main issue unfortunately is that with so few of these cats left, the incidence of inbreeding is much higher which can cause it's own problems like genetic disorders, reduced fertility, higher infant mortality, reduced effectiveness of immune system, lower birth rate and so on.

Many of these cats are literally months from being extinct. You can do your part by donating to the World Conservation Union.


Amur Tiger extinction.jpegAmur Tiger also known as the Siberian Tiger: With approximately 400 to 500 of these incredible cats left, the Amur Tiger's days are numbered. The cat lives throughout China, the Korean Peninsula, South Eastern Russia and North Eastern Mongolia.

These incredible cats can weigh anywhere from 100 to 350 kg and are slightly taller than their popular Bengal Tiger cousins.

Compared to other species of tigers, the Siberian Tiger has a larger mane, furrier paws and generally more white and less striping in their coats.

Siberian Tigers are known for there mellow and fair tempered demeanor.

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