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softpaws_2.jpgI've blogged about declawing your cat so you know I am totally against it and I've even written several posts about scratching posts and why your cat needs to scratch. But a friend of mine reminded me about Soft Paws. They are little nail caps that fit over your cat's claws and prevent your cat from doing any damage when he scratches.

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Soft Paws are like fake nails for your cat. Each 4 - 6 month supply comes with 40 caps in your choice of color and 2 tubes of adhesive for under $20.00. Applying the nail caps looks pretty easy, but you might have to try it when your cat is really relaxed!

softpaws_1.jpgYou have to replace the nail caps every 4 - 6 weeks because a cat's nails grow so quickly. So you might want to get a package that has lots of colors to choose from for variety.

The pictures of cats wearing soft paws all look so content and you should read all the success stories of cats who wear Soft Paws from their happy owners!

Has anyone tried Soft Paws? I'd love to hear your experiences with them too. Feel free to comment below.

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