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pictures_cats_kittens_cuddling.jpgHaving kittens in the home can be an exciting thing, indeed. Newborn kitten care can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you have kittens that have been rejected by their mother or simply don't have one to care for them due to orphaning or some other instance. Either way, knowing what to do in the instance of having to care for newborn kittens is of the essence. If you want your newborn kittens to survive having such knowledge on hand is of the essence.

Understand That There is a Difference

There is a huge difference between newborn kittens and grown cats. Newborn kitten care is not an easy thing to master, and it often takes more than one person to care for a group of kittens. If their mother is present, things are bound to be a lot easier-caring for them is just a matter of ensuring that they are in a safe environment and that their mother has the proper care and nutrition is all that is needed. If you are their sole caretaker, things are bound to be a lot different-and a lot harder on you.

Taking Care of Their Basic Needs

Taking care of your newborn kittens' basic needs is of the essence. Their basic needs are for warmth, feeding, and tender love and care. Warmth is easy; if they had a mother their mother's warmth could keep them plenty warm enough. Being that you may have to be a surrogate mother your own body warmth can do just fine. A kitten who is not warm enough can die in no time; a thick blanket, a very low (very, very low) heating pad, or some other source of heat is important with newborn kitten care-perhaps just as important as feeding them.

Feeding Newborn Kittens

K.M.R is the most popular nursing supplement for newborn kittens. It is available at a local pet store or veterinary office along with a feeder, usually a small nipple bottle or syringe. The feed has directions of how to administer the feeding, but it may take some time to get them to acclimate to the artificial nipple or syringe. They must be fed every two hours as their stomachs can only hold so much, so yes-4 a.m. feedings are something for you to look forward to.

It's an Around the Clock Job

kitten.jpgIf you have a job to go to from nine to five every day, newborn kitten care is not something you will be able to do unless you have a dependable person at home. That is enough time for your kittens to become extremely chilled, ill, or starve. Newborn kittens need almost constant care and when they have no mother to give it to them, it is up to you to take care of that for them or find somebody else who can.

Caring for newborn kittens is trying at times, but very rewarding. After several weeks the hard part is over and the cute part begins. Happy and healthy kittens are worth every frustrating moment!

Article by guest blogger Wendy Pan

orange-kitten.jpg Kittens have baby teeth when they are born. As soon as you get your kitten, it is a good idea to introduce him to toothpaste and brushing right away. It helps establish a routine and it helps massage sore little gums when they start teething.

At about 4-6 months they go through a stage where they are chewing on everything. Your fingers, toys, shoes, strings, anything and everything regardless of the dangers! This is a sign that your kitten is teething. They loose their baby teeth and their full-grown adult teeth start coming in.

All this chewing can be a problem, it may be cute to let your kitten chew on your fingers with his baby teeth, but if you let him chew as a kitten, he’ll want to chew as an adult – its not as much fun when he’s leaving holes in your skin!

Watch your kitten closely… you might even see a baby tooth fall out!

Something like Petstages chew toys are perfect for your kitten while he is teething.

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