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I was looking back at pictures of Neo shortly after I brought him home and I found these great shots of him in the sun. He loved to bask in the sun all the time.

little_neo_in_the_sun.jpgNeo was born in a feral cat colony that had been taken care of by two little girls and their mom. You see, Neo's mom was the kitten of a feral cat in the community. Neo's mom was fed and cared for by the little girls and their mom and so she became comfortable around them. She and her sisters kind of moved in to their yard and the so the colony was established.

Neo's dad was also feral from a neighboring colony who had wondered into the community. He was nicknamed "Cowboy" and he rode into town and then disappeared for weeks on end. But he always returned much to the dismay of the people in the community. He would terrorize the neighborhood cats and you'd hear cat fights late at night when he was around. But oddly enough, he started to get quite comfortable with people, even moving in to the newly established colony that Neo's mom established.

Unfortunately, none of the cats were ever spayed or neutered so Neo's mom and her sisters all had kittens within a few months of each other. Neo's mom was still a kitten herself! So the colony grew by 14 kittens that spring, Neo was one of them.

On a positive note, Neo and his brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, mom and dad were given the best love a cat could get. The love of two pre-teen girls who spent all their waking moments with the cats. All of the kittens were handled right from birth and all the neighborhood kids and adults alike visited the kittens.

Neo_chair_sunlight.jpgMy sister has a cottage in that community so my two nieces and my sister would visit and play with the kittens. My sister has spotted Neo when he was just a few days old. If she didn't already have a cat, she would have adopted him. But she would bring him back to her cottage and spend the afternoon petting him, grooming him and playing with him.

So Neo is not a typical feral cat. Most ferals are afraid of people because either they are born far away from people or people consider them a nuisance and hurt them or scare them. This makes ferals very distrustful of people, but the cats in this colony, that summer had the best opportunity to learn to love people.

It's really no wonder that Neo is so cuddly and lovey dovey all the time. And it makes me feel strongly about feral cats in other communities. If given the right set of circumstances, all the ferals of the world could be loving pets too.

On_sofa_sunlight.jpgYesterday I told you about my January Blues and how Neo purrs and cuddles and makes me relax. So today, the sun came out and both Neo and I were happy to see the sunlight streaming into the house. I got a picture of him stretched out on the sofa enjoying the winter sun. I would like to have joined him, but the to do list for today was too long!

It's amazing how a little sunlight can do more than just brighten a room. Neo and I enjoyed some cuddling in the sun and when he had enough and was ready for sleep, he found the best spot that got sunlight for the rest of the afternoon. And I went back to my work feeling a little bit brighter and lighter too.

Have a great day everyone, and make sure you hug your cat today!

Neo_dolly_napping.jpgJanuary. Cold. Busy. Stressful. I find this time of year brings resolutions and change, some sleepless nights, busy days and less and less time to relax. But even though things get busy and I think I just don't have time for one more thing, along comes Neo and he looks up at me and starts talking to me. It's really no wonder that owning a cat has been linked to lower heart disease.

Just seeing his face, and petting his soft fur, then hearing that purr start up makes me breathe a little deeper and relax a bit. Just this afternoon, I had just got off a call that added about 20 large projects to my to do list and was feeling very stressed. As if he sensed my distress, Neo came along and sat down on the floor beside my chair. He looked up at me and meowed and yawned at the same time, which made me laugh.

Neo_one_leg_hanging_over.jpgHe then jumped up on my lap and started kneading my neck and purring. He got really comfortable and settled in expecting to be petted for a long time. I petted him for a few minutes and I could just feel the stress leave my body. Then he jumped down and I went back to my work feeling renewed and ready to tackle the tasks left for the day.

It's like I have my own little 10 pound massage therapist living with me. I suggest the next time you are feeling stressed or upset, go find your cat and pet him and cuddle him. You'll be surprised how good it will make you feel! Comment below about times your cat has been a stress reliever for you.

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