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neutered-cat.jpgFact: Get off the couch and play with your cat!

Spaying and Neutering don’t make cats fat, eating too much and not playing enough makes them fat. So get your cats fixed and then play with them!

There are so many positives to spaying and neutering your cats. For females it is so hard on their little bodies to go into heat every few months and have litter after litter of kittens. Even if you manage to keep your female away from the neighborhood males while she is in heat, she can harm herself trying to get out so she can go roam.

For males, they spray, and they wander and they get into fights, which all leads to problems.

You’ll have more loving companions if they are spayed or neutered. Statistics also show that cats live longer if they’ve been spayed and neutered. The fat cat myth is simply that, a myth, all the cats I’ve had in my life have been spayed or neutered and none of them were fat.

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