Myths about cats: February 2008 Archives

Declawing is actually amputating the tips of your cat’s fingers and toes. If that isn’t bad enough, did you know that cats walk on their toes? So if you remove the tips of the toes, walking becomes painful for them.

…And another thing, declawed cats are docile and often become lazy and develop behavioral problems?


Of course! Think about it, you wouldn’t be excited to play with someone who ripped off the ends of your fingers and toes now would you? SO why would you expect your cat to be playful and behave like a normal cat after that torture?

So if you think declawing is the only alternative, think again… Get your cat a scratching post…Your cat won’t use it?….Bring in a broken branch from outside!… yeah, you know I’m right, brace it against something and let them go at it! They’ll love that!

And if that doesn’t work, check out these Nail Caps.

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