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Fact: People usually don't try to train them. Here is an example of a cat doing dog tricks. He sits, gives high fives and shakes a paw and more.

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There is a common misconception that cats are untrainable. But it's not the cat who can't be trained, the problem is with the human. Humans often don't spend time teaching their cats anything, and many times humans just don't know how to communicate with their cat so training is completely impossible.

Most of the time cats will do anything for extra attention and extra food or treats. So giving them both of those things while training, will make your training session very successful.

If you want your cat to do tricks, make it fun and rewarding for the cat. Use treats and a calm gentle vice to reward your cat. Work on one command at a time, and be consistent, don't leave long gaps of time between training sessions (like a week or more) and always reward him enthudisasically. And always end with a final treat and lots of petting and even some grooming. Read about Cat training tips, the best techniques

Try this trick:

Shake hands

This one might be the easiest trick to teach because many cats move when you touch their paws. Use your cat's natural reaction. Touch his paw, and say, "Shake." as soon as he lifts his paw, shake it. Then give him a treat and say something like, "Good boy" in a very enthusiastic and happy voice so he know he did something right.

Remember to be consistent, so that means repeating the command and reward exactly the same way each time. Do this until your cat looks like he's had enough or until you're done, maybe 4 or 5 repitions. Then groom him and praise him. He'll remember that extra attention next time and be willing to try the trick again later.

Let me know how this training session goes, and I'll post new tricks to try.

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Really people, as a parent, all I can say is Neo was too freaked out by the crying and the poop and round the clock feedings to want to even get close to the baby!

picture_cats_kittens_stretching.jpgBut some people say, ….well, the cat gets jealous, so it wants to hurt the baby. My answer to that is, if you go changing their lifestyle, like suddenly locking them in the basement or the garage when the new baby arrives, cats are likely to have some behavior issues.

Just imagine how it is for them if you start doing things differently. One day, they get to run around the house anytime they want, sleep on the sofa anytime they want, get petted by you anytime they want. Then the next day, they are locked in the basement alone for hours on end, or forgotten outside all night.

Sudden changes to the cat’s lifestyle will cause behavior issues. If things are happening to the cat that never happened before, it’s going to be a little disturbing for the cat. And yes, the cat might think that the baby has something to with it. But cats have awareness about them; they know that this new baby is your “kitten” so they won’t hurt it because they love you. Cats are pretty resilient, they get used to the new baby pretty fast.

pictures_cat_bath_baby.jpgRemember that your cat is a part of the family too, and if you are sensitive to the needs of your family members, everyone will get along fine. So don’t make sudden changes to your cat’s lifestyle, and include your cat in the caring of your baby. So if you pet him at the same time every day – keep doing that. You can even pet your cat and speak softly to him while your baby is close by so your cat gets to understand that this new baby is nothing to fear.

Please don’t get rid of your cat or lock him up just because you have a baby. Your baby will learn from young how wonderful cats are!

I tried to cuddle Neo as much as possible and to give him extra play time because I could tell that he was nervous about the baby. Eventually, he became comfortable with her, after he got used to the noise, the smells and having to share my attention. Now he is very tolerant of her and even puts up with her trying to carry him. What was it like for you and your cat when you brought home the new baby?

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neutered-cat.jpgFact: Get off the couch and play with your cat!

Spaying and Neutering don’t make cats fat, eating too much and not playing enough makes them fat. So get your cats fixed and then play with them!

There are so many positives to spaying and neutering your cats. For females it is so hard on their little bodies to go into heat every few months and have litter after litter of kittens. Even if you manage to keep your female away from the neighborhood males while she is in heat, she can harm herself trying to get out so she can go roam.

For males, they spray, and they wander and they get into fights, which all leads to problems.

You’ll have more loving companions if they are spayed or neutered. Statistics also show that cats live longer if they’ve been spayed and neutered. The fat cat myth is simply that, a myth, all the cats I’ve had in my life have been spayed or neutered and none of them were fat.

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It’s been hard for shelters in England to find homes for black cats and kittens. It seems that people are afraid black cats will bring bad luck to their homes.

There are four black cats at a shelter in the UK. Two adults who had to be put up for adoption because of their owners illness. And two little kittens not related. It seems that these cats have been there for months and have been passed over countless times for no reason other than their color.

Well this is a story near and dear to me. I chose Neo because of his personality and how cute he was, it didn’t really occur to me that he is a black cat that should be feared. So – does this mean that people don’t think black cats are cute and can have lovable personalities?

I’m surprised that these superstitions still hold true, even among cat lovers! I guess people think that a black cat crossing their path several times a day will lead to bad luck in the household?

The way I see it: the only ones experiencing bad luck are the black cats!

Read more about homes needed for 'unlucky' black cats.

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It's a myth that because cats clean themselves, they don't need to be groomed. If you have a Sphinx or a cat with VERY short hair, maybe that's true. But for cats with short, medium length or long fur, grooming has benefits greater than just giving them pretty fur.

One obvious benefit is a huge reduction in shedding, if you comb your cat regularly, you'll notice way less fur left on your clothes and on the couch.

Another benefit is a huge reduction in fur balls your cat coughs up. I don't know about you, but I had the unfortunate experience of stepping on one of Neo's with bare feet and it left a lasting impression, let me tell you. The soggy, matted, sausage shaped fur ball felt like I was stepping on some sort of rodent or reptile. Not a feeling I wish to repeat, so I comb Neo regularly now. I like to comb Neo once a week, more often when he is shedding in early spring.


But the best benefit of all is the bonding that develops between you and your cat when you are combing him. Seriously. Even the most cranky cat learns to love grooming. Neo has always loved being combed and now he moves around and offers different body parts for me to comb - he loves his head combed, he's gotta look good!


The Birman breed is playful and curious, yet gentle and soft spoken, a real live teddy bear. Once believed to be the reincarnated priests of Ancient Burma, Birman cats are still sacred cats. Anyone who owns one knows how loving and gentle these peaceful cats can be. Traditionally, all Birman kittens born in the same year are given names that start with the same letter of the alphabet. No letters are skipped and every 26 years the breeders start with the letter A again.

Physical – Strong and stocky with long body, legs and tail.

Color – strong contrasting color in Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac point with a creamy white body and pure white fingers and toes.

Temperament – Extremely calm and docile, yet playful and social.

History – Guardians of the ancient temples of the Khmer people of Burma, two cats were brought to France in 1919 and the breed was developed, later all but two cats were destroyed in World War II.

Declawing is actually amputating the tips of your cat’s fingers and toes. If that isn’t bad enough, did you know that cats walk on their toes? So if you remove the tips of the toes, walking becomes painful for them.

…And another thing, declawed cats are docile and often become lazy and develop behavioral problems?


Of course! Think about it, you wouldn’t be excited to play with someone who ripped off the ends of your fingers and toes now would you? SO why would you expect your cat to be playful and behave like a normal cat after that torture?

So if you think declawing is the only alternative, think again… Get your cat a scratching post…Your cat won’t use it?….Bring in a broken branch from outside!… yeah, you know I’m right, brace it against something and let them go at it! They’ll love that!

And if that doesn’t work, check out these Nail Caps.

Alternatives to Declawing, Nail Caps for Cats

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