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Check out this video of a cute little black kitten taking a bath. This kitten loves the water! He is splashing around with a toy and not even attempting to get out! He is so cute to watch. It’s funny when he makes a big pounce in the water and get his face wet – but he doesn’t mind!

This video proves that cats can love water.

What do you get when you have a cat video and poorly matched music? A pretty funny cat video anyways...

Can cats communicate with each other? I think this video answers the question..

Whaaaa? Are you serious?! A cat that eats with a fork, spoon and chop sticks? I can't eat with chopsticks, how can a cat?! Tesa has better table manners than most people and she wants to have dinner with Oprah, Tiger Woods and David Duvall!

cat-ringtone.jpgWanna play a prank on your cat? Play this ringtone and watch what happens. My cat Maddy came running the first time I played the ringtones listed below. After a while, she caught on and stopped coming though. I played the ringtones a few days later for her and there was mild interest at best. Have fun!

Cat ringtone #1

Cat ringtone #2

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Once the greatest jobs a man could have, cat herding is one of the lost arts of our time. This video pays tribute to the brave Catboys of the late 1800's....

If you haven't seen the first video we featured of Simon's cat, you should see it here. In this video, Simon's cat goes through desperate measures to try and get his owner to let him back in the house. Hilarious!

Not only will this video drive your cat crazy but if you play this video and listen closely enough, this cat actually says "hello" and "cheeseburger" This video has been seen by over 4 million people on You Tube! Pretty crazy eh?

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See a 400 lbs African Lion hug and kiss his rescuer!

Woman gets tackled by a lion at a Photoshoot!

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