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Pictures_of_cat_house_on_the_kings_virgil.jpg700 cats and several dogs living in harmony on an acreage north of Los Angeles. The cats are clean, well-cared for and are all available for adoption. How did all of these cats get there?

The Founder of Cat House on the Kings, Lynea Lattanzio created a true sanctuary for cats. After visiting a local animal shelter, she returned home with 15 kittens needing to be bottle-fed. After that, she knew this is what she wanted to do.

She started out with 92 cats and the number has increased to up to 700! People call her and ask her to take cats and kittens that were not wanted, feral, or going to be destroyed. She takes them all, it is a one of a kind, no-cage, no-kill cat sanctuary where cats can live out their lives or wait to be adopted into a loving home.

The cats can go in and out of the house, eat and drink at 10 different feeding stations, climb trees, run, play and sleep in their cat paradise. You'll see in the video how these cats are treated, with love and respect.

You can donate money, time or items the humans need to keep taking care of these cats. It only costs $1 to feed a cat for one day, but with 700 cats, that is a lot of cat food! You can also sponsor a cat for $15.00 a month.

Watch this video, you'll be amazed. I know I've never seen a cat shelter like this before.

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Blackjack_feral_cat_rescuejpg.jpgIn an earlier blog post, I asked for your signatures so that C.H.A.T. Celia Hammond Animal Trust organization could get into the 2012 Olympics site to rescue the feral cats that call it home.

Well, all our signatures helped, because C.H.A.T. was permitted onto the site to set up feeding and trapping stations for the 186 cats. There was one cat that was particularly allusive, they called him Blackjack, pictured here. They watched and waited for three weeks and finally caught him on July 11, 2008.

The rescuers had known he was there, but couldn't catch him the many times they set up their stations. When they were forced to leave on May 1, due to construction, they didn't think he would survive. But was sighted and the team came in and caught him.

He is a bit wild, but they are working to calm him and tame him and hope to find a home for him in the next month or so.

That is one lucky cat!

Read the full story about the Last Cat Saved from Olympic Site and visit C.H.A.T. Celia Hammond Animal Trust to see pictures and read stories about all the rescued cats.

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