Cat Videos: April 2009 Archives

This video shows a really loving cat on her human's back while he does pushups. Monkey loves her human! Enjoy!

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I don't know if you've ever seen a cat like this but I sure haven't. Maru is easily the most awkward and lazy cat I've ever seen. I blogged about him last week but I can't get enough of him. Check it out...

This is a really nice video of a cat and a fawn playing and cuddling together. That cat grooms the little deer and they snuggle in the grass to have a nap while a bunny watches near by - too cute!

Some people say that snoring cats are an indication of a bigger problem. Judging from the video, this is a cat that simply very relaxed and is dreaming cat dreams.

If your cat wheezes a lot or makes consistent loud noises while sleeping, your best bet is to take your cat to a vet. Oh, the video is really cute.

To be honest, I'd love to know how they caught this on video. This was the last thing I expected to walk through that cat door...

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