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I don't think I've ever seen a cat that concentrates this much on eating. It's almost like he's in a trance...

Some of these are repeats but there are some new ones thrown into this video as well. For me, the best one was the cat chasing a full grown bear away! LOL!

Just like the title says, the rat in the video follows the cat around like he's a rock star...

This amazing cat would give Spider Man a run for his money. Check it out..

OK, this is something different. I was perusing YouTube and I found this video of a cat that sprayed their owner. I've got a neighbour that had this happen to him as well. Although I haven't confirmed it, my neighbor claimed that this is the ultimate sign of effection between cat and human. Apparently this is a way of the cat saying "you are mine."

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I did a quick search on the subject and I came across an answer that that I've seen before on Yahoo Answers. Answer number 3 says the following:

"...My cat did the same thing to me. It's a cats way of saying that "You belong to me" or "This Object belongs to me". It's a cat's way of marking his territory and telling other cats to back off. Hehe, not only has my male cat sprayed Me...3 times... but he also sprayed one of the female cats...THAT HE BROUGHT HOME. Cats are strange, but funny at times,..."

I love my cat but I'm not sure how I would react to Maddy spraying me. I think I know my cat pretty well but I can totally see her doing this to me when I least expect it.

As a professional cat groomer in South Carolina, Danielle German thought it would be a great idea to use the excess cat hair from her cat grooming appointments to make hand bags out of cat fur. The idea has caught on according to the video and people have ordered the bags from as far away as Canada. The video shows how she spins the fur from the cats into material that can be used to make a ladies hand bag. To be honest, they look pretty kewl.

So if you want to keep a piece of your tabby around forever, this isn't a bad option. Not to mention the fact that you will have a bag that matches your cat!

We've blogged about this kind woman before. I was amazed to find a video of her on YouTube yesterday so I thought I'd share it with you. Nina Kostovo lives in Siberia, Russia and has what appears to be a relatively small apartment there. What's amazing about this woman is that she lives with over 130 cats and all of them are strays. I'm not vet but judging from the video, the cats seem to be in amazing condition. Having over a 100 cats in a small apartment can't be the best of circumstances but it sure beats them dying in the cold. Right? I love the coloured chairs that some of the cats sit on during the day. Really cute.

We've had videos before of talking cats but I don't think I've seen a cat that talks as much as this cat. My cat Maddy is probably the most talkative cat out there but this cat makes Maddy look like a mute. I think the owner is holding a ball of cat nip over her head...

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