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Did you know that over 2.4 million cats are born ever year due to cats not being neutered? If you think neutering may effect your cat, read this post for more information.

This is the amazing story of Charley the domestic cat with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Cerebellar Hypoplasia is a development disorder that effects Charley's motor skills. While he may not move like a normal cat, he lives a normal life and seems to be an absolutely fun loving cat. Go Charley!

I love this video. Make sure your speakers are on for this one. You need to hear the sound while you watch. And watch the cat's tail, cats communicate with their tails and this cat is talking up a storm!

Did cats evolve from hamsters? Maybe...

This video has been making the rounds online over the last few days. I thought you would find this really funny because I sure did. What's hillarious about this video is the way the lighter coloured cat (the Calico) is able to keep pace with the treadmill!

Cats On A Treadmill - The funniest videos clips are here

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See a 400 lbs African Lion hug and kiss his rescuer!

These kittens are so cute, I wish I could pick them up and cuddle them. I hope this fills your kitten quota for the day! Gotta go cuddle Neo now, he is my 10 lb kitten!

You've seen this guy here before, Dr. Greg McDonald has tips for cleaning your cats teeth, but this time he is showing you how to check for sickness in cats from fleas. Anemia can kill your cat. If you suspect your cat has fleas, check his gums, if they are bright pink, your cat's fine, if they are a pale pink or white, your cat has lost too much blood and may need a transfusion.

scuba-cat-picture.jpgI've got to thank my good buddy Peter for this one. I had never heard of this cat before but when I saw the video for the first time, I couldn't believe my eyes. Hawkeye is the only cat I know that enjoys scuba diving!

Hawkeye's owner Gene Alba, from California has managed to combine his two passions, his cat and scuba diving. I'm not sure about your cat but my cat Maddy wouldn't be caught within a mile of a swimming pool. What a great unique story. Check it out.

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