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This reminds me of Neo at meal times!

One of my new favorites that was just placed online a few days ago. Check it out...

Have you ever seen three cats move perfectly in unison? Hilarious....

Well they could have picked better music for this video but the real point of this video is to watch how this guy avoids being attacked by a full grown lion. Kind of makes you wonder why people put themselves in this position. Obviously the guy shooting the video has a large caliber guy fixated on the cat in the event he attacks the photographer. I'd love to see the pictures he took though!

What is a Liger you ask? Well a Liger is the offspring of a father lion and a mother tiger. What happens when you breed these animals together is pretty incredible. No one understand why when you breed these animals together, you are left with a Liger that can weigh more than both parents combined.

Over the coming weeks we'll be taking a look at all the cross breed types like Tigons, Li-Liger, Li-tigon, Ti-liger and Ti-Tigons.

This dramatic video shows you exactly how large Ligers can become.

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Tokyo University unveiled mice that do not fear cats and other predators. This doesn't seem very useful to the mice. But I imagine a few cats would like to meet these special mice.

The mice had receptors in their brains altered. These receptors process information about smells that would normally make the mouse panic and run. This experiment confirms what we've known for centuries, fear is connected to smell. But I find it interesting that the mouse gets frightened when it hears the cat meow. That proves to me that fear is connected to more than just one of the senses. I'm not sure why this experiment needed to be done. Didn't we already know this?


Everyone is talking about the mouse who has been genetically altered to not fear cats. But what amazes me is not so much the mouse, but the cats. I'd like to know has the cat also been genetically altered to not hunt mice? Why hasn’t the cat eaten that fearless mouse yet? I've never seen cats this docile! Especially when there is something like a real mouse to play with.

Genetically altered or not, that mouse wouldn’t last ten minutes around my cat, Neo.

It may sound like the word "yummy" if you don't understand cat communication. What is sounds like to me is, "Get your camera out of my face, I'm trying to eat!"

Why do people torment their cats like this? The poor cat is eating and this woman has her video camera in the cat’s face, trying to get the cat to say “Yummy”. The cat behavior is telling us he is hungry and obviously feeling threatened by her getting so close during meal time.

This kind of thing makes me mad. The cat is clearly trying to communicate that he is angry, but she is disrespectful of him. I think if you want to have a good relationship with your cat, you have to listen to his cat communication and watch the cat's behavior. Just respect what he is trying to say.

It may be a funny cat video to us, but if you think about it, it's not that funny for the cat.

An oldy but still a really funny video. This funny cat video is one of my all time favorites.

This is one way to keep cat fur under control, when you vacuum the couch, just vacuum the cat too! This cat lies there and takes a good cleaning from the vacuum cleaner. If you are looking for alternatives for grooming your cat or when you get tired of combing your cat, you can always try the vacuum cleaner!

Worried about property damage from cats? Trimming your cat's claws is the best way to avoid it.

Trimming your cat's claws is safe and easy. And it is much healthier for your cat than declawing - which is slicing off their fingers, leaving them in pain, emotionally damaged and unable to walk properly.

Ok, this guy has a very well trained F2 (second generation) Savannah male. I've never seen a cat so comfortable with having his claws cut! This is a good demonstration of how to cut your cat's claws. But if you don't have a cat that sits on a pedestal and gives you his paw, then keep watching.

This guy also has an F1 Savannah female who is not as laid back about having her nails trimmed. He demonstrates how to hold her through the process. Every cat owner has to trim the nails regularly to prevent property damage from cats. Also, if you opt in to get nail caps for cats, you have to trim regularly.

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