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Check out this video of a cute little black kitten taking a bath. This kitten loves the water! He is splashing around with a toy and not even attempting to get out! He is so cute to watch. It’s funny when he makes a big pounce in the water and get his face wet – but he doesn’t mind!

This video proves that cats can love water.

What do you get when you have a cat video and poorly matched music? A pretty funny cat video anyways...


For centuries cats have been used as science experiments and now…. Cloning scientists in South Korea have manipulated a protein gene in cats that has fluorescent properties. The cloned cats glow in the dark after being exposed to ultraviolet light. No, they don't come in green and red. The cat pictured on the left is being exposed to the ultraviolet light and the cat on the right is what the cats look like when the lights go out.

I have to admit, it would be nice to be able to see Neo in the dark, but creating animals for scientific study? They aren’t going to be loved or cared for…. why would they be treated well… if they die or don’t fulfill a scientific purpose.. they are disposed of and all you have to do is make another one. These cats get to live out there days in a cage being constantly poked and prodded.


Apparently, this scientific manipulation is supposed to help develop treatments for human genetic diseases. And recreate endangered wild cats. I'm not sure how manipulating these cats genes will help humans, but how about this? Call me crazy but... here's an idea, let’s preserve the animals we have left on our planet rather than create new ones in a test-tube!

Can cats communicate with each other? I think this video answers the question..

lion_tackles_woman_video.jpgSo let me get this straight. The lion gets kicked in the head for being a lion? Nice. This video shows a playful lion at a photo-shoot that (just outside of Toronto at the Bowmanville Zoo) ultimately tackles the woman practicing martial arts in front of him. The video clearly illustrates why you shouldn't use wild cats in photo-shoots. It's a dumb play and the cat doesn't deserve to get kicked in the head. Quite frankly, the officials from the Bowmanville Zoo deserve the kick in the head. They have a choice of being there, the lion doesn't.

The lady (Gitanjali Kolanad) goes on to whine about the fact that she was tackled by a 400 pound cat. Well of course she was tackled! From the very beginning, you can see that the handlers have no control over this large cat. What did they expect? Did they expect the lion to come and cuddle with her? Sorry, the lion gets my sympathy here.

You can hear one of the people say that he's "playing" when he lunges at them. If the Bowmanville Zoo had quality handlers and staff they would know the cat wants to play and probably won't be controlled if he truly wants to pounce on someone.

Remind me not to take my kids to the Bowmanville Zoo. On the heals of the Tiger incident in San Francisco, they decide to shoot this video? Are the officials at the Bowmvanville zoo that devoid of intelligence? This "back woods" move shows that they have no regard for their wild animals and would rather put them in jeopardy to make a few dollars. Idiots, complete and total idiots. All of them.

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Whaaaa? Are you serious?! A cat that eats with a fork, spoon and chop sticks? I can't eat with chopsticks, how can a cat?! Tesa has better table manners than most people and she wants to have dinner with Oprah, Tiger Woods and David Duvall!

Imagine a 400lb Lion hugging you!? It turns out that the King of the Jungle is just a really, really big kitten.

This woman rescues big cats in Colombia. The lion was abused, injured and malnourished. She took him in and cared for him until he was healthy – the two developed a close bond. He loves her. He really loves her. You’ll see in the video that he recognizes her right away and so excited that she’s there. He jumps up and wraps his paws around her neck and kisses her! He is actually hugging her. He acts more affectionate than some domestic cats out there! You’ve just got to see the love!

Here is another video of the same lion and the same woman – she has several big cats in her care.

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Once the greatest jobs a man could have, cat herding is one of the lost arts of our time. This video pays tribute to the brave Catboys of the late 1800's....

You've spent some time getting your cat used to the toothpaste and you are relaxed and your cat's happy, so now it is time to go in with the brush!


Hold on....not so fast. Introduce the brush slowly, put some toothpaste on the brush and let your cat chew on the brush - it'll floss and clean the teeth at the same time.

If kitty is getting suspicious, stop for the day but if you think you can get the brush right on his teeth, go for it.

Sometimes, all I have to do is just hold Neo's mouth open with one hand and brush with the other, but other days... it's not so easy...


On those days, here's how I can brush his teeth. I have to hold Neo's whole body, otherwise he pushes me away with his powerful legs. So I sit on the floor with my knees up to my chest. I hold Neo's body on my lap (so he is facing to the right) and press my legs against my chest just enough to retrain him but not to hurt him of course.

Then that leaves both of my hands free - my left hand holds his mouth open and I brush his teeth with my right hand.

I work quickly and often he gets toothpaste all over his cheeks, but when I release him, I pet him and tell him what a good boy he is.

He is very forgiving.

Products you can use for brushing are outlined here

I was in Vegas a couple of years ago and I bought a plush toy replica of a Snow Leopard for my daughter. Little did I know that all we may have left of these majestic animals will be plush toys.

Today 12 nations (Afghanistan, India, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, China, Bhutan, and Uzbekistan) have come together to try and find a way to save these rare and beautiful animals.

According to most reports, the greatest threat to Snow Leopards are poaching, loss of habitat and increased conflict with humans over livestock. Depending on who you talk to, there may be as little as 3500 of these cats left in the world.

I've made a slideshow of the snow leopard, visit my pictures of cats page and select the snow leopard gallery.

You can make a difference by donating to the Snow Leopard Trust.

The video below was filmed by the BBC and is apparently the first video ever shot of this cat in the wild. Check out the size of the tail on this cat. Incredible.

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If you haven't seen the first video we featured of Simon's cat, you should see it here. In this video, Simon's cat goes through desperate measures to try and get his owner to let him back in the house. Hilarious!

Not only will this video drive your cat crazy but if you play this video and listen closely enough, this cat actually says "hello" and "cheeseburger" This video has been seen by over 4 million people on You Tube! Pretty crazy eh?

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These ringtones will drive your cat crazy...

The Snow Leopard is close to extinction

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