Cat Training: February 2008 Archives

For cats, everything in life has to feel good and be their way. Cats will demand attention and you could be training your cat to be a pain, just because you respond to their demands. Are you teaching your cat bad behavior?

Do you wake up two hours earlier than you need to because of your cat? Ok well, think about it… what are you doing when the cat wakes you up?

Oh, you feed him…. And then you pet him and play with him….

and well you have to go to work anyway, so you might as well stay up now…while your cat goes back to sleep!

Your cat may be lonely or hungry, but establishing a routine where they get fed at a certain time and played with everyday means they won’t be begging for affection in the middle of the night or early in the morning.

Your cat does things to get attention, and if you give the attention they demand, when they demand it, you can be setting yourself up for some pretty early mornings! A big reason why cats act the way they do, is because their owners let them. In fact, they are training you, and they do a really good job of it!

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