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sock_presidential_cat.jpgIt's a sad day in the cat world folks. Diagnosed with cancer late last year, Sock wasn't much longer for this world. Socks will probably be most remembered for his cool relations with Buddy the white house dog. Socks was a tuxedo cat that loved sitting in the sun and taking it easy. He was 18 years old. You can read the complete AP story here.

As a professional cat groomer in South Carolina, Danielle German thought it would be a great idea to use the excess cat hair from her cat grooming appointments to make hand bags out of cat fur. The idea has caught on according to the video and people have ordered the bags from as far away as Canada. The video shows how she spins the fur from the cats into material that can be used to make a ladies hand bag. To be honest, they look pretty kewl.

So if you want to keep a piece of your tabby around forever, this isn't a bad option. Not to mention the fact that you will have a bag that matches your cat!

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