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The ASPCA awarded the prestigious Cat of the Year Award to Libby a seeing eye cat for her friend, Cashew the dog.

Picture_cat_Year_ASPCA_2008.jpegCashew gradually went blind and deaf due to old age. As it became more difficult for Cashew to get around, Libby the cat started to help Cashew out more and more. Libby would lead Cashew to the food dish, guide the dog around obstacles and tag along on walks to keep her friend safe. The two would sleep together and Libby would watch over Cashew.

Love knows no bounds. Libby took care of her friend, who has been deceased since 2005. Apparently, it took a long time for Libby to get over the death of Cashew and to this day, she is not interested in making friends with the new dogs. She was loyal to Cashew and still is.

The ASPCA decided to honor Libby as Cat of the Year at this year's Humane Awards Luncheon in New York City. but Libby's owners Terry and Deb Burns say that she won't make the trip to New York.

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