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For centuries cats have been used as science experiments and now…. Cloning scientists in South Korea have manipulated a protein gene in cats that has fluorescent properties. The cloned cats glow in the dark after being exposed to ultraviolet light. No, they don't come in green and red. The cat pictured on the left is being exposed to the ultraviolet light and the cat on the right is what the cats look like when the lights go out.

I have to admit, it would be nice to be able to see Neo in the dark, but creating animals for scientific study? They aren’t going to be loved or cared for…. why would they be treated well… if they die or don’t fulfill a scientific purpose.. they are disposed of and all you have to do is make another one. These cats get to live out there days in a cage being constantly poked and prodded.


Apparently, this scientific manipulation is supposed to help develop treatments for human genetic diseases. And recreate endangered wild cats. I'm not sure how manipulating these cats genes will help humans, but how about this? Call me crazy but... here's an idea, let’s preserve the animals we have left on our planet rather than create new ones in a test-tube!

cat-computer-furniture.jpgHey, are you like me? Are you tired of your cat trying to dominate the space near your computer while you're working? Well finally someone has come up with a solution for people like you and me. It's called the Kit-In Box and it's a perch that is designed to be placed in an office space on top of a desk. The product is made by a company named The Refined Feline located in New York City and in my opinion is one of the smartest products made for cats in a long time.

From my own personal experience, my cat jumps up on my computer desk and tries to find a place to lay down. If there isn't a clear space on the desk for her, (which most of the time there isn't) she'll make her own spot on top of my important papers. Over time, this becomes a battle between you and your cat. In the end, I ended changing the way I work at my work station to accommodate my cat. Not good.

The Kit-In-Box has high sides and a comfortable cushion ideal for any desk hogging cat. The product comes in an array of colors to match most work spaces. The best part about this invention is that it keeps the loose cat hair away from my computers that I was constantly vacuuming away at home. If you work from home or do a considerable amount of work at home, this is the ideal product for you in my opinion.

The next product that The Refined Feline should make is the heated pad Kit-In-Box! My cat would love that. You can see this awesome product here.

lion_tackles_woman_video.jpgSo let me get this straight. The lion gets kicked in the head for being a lion? Nice. This video shows a playful lion at a photo-shoot that (just outside of Toronto at the Bowmanville Zoo) ultimately tackles the woman practicing martial arts in front of him. The video clearly illustrates why you shouldn't use wild cats in photo-shoots. It's a dumb play and the cat doesn't deserve to get kicked in the head. Quite frankly, the officials from the Bowmanville Zoo deserve the kick in the head. They have a choice of being there, the lion doesn't.

The lady (Gitanjali Kolanad) goes on to whine about the fact that she was tackled by a 400 pound cat. Well of course she was tackled! From the very beginning, you can see that the handlers have no control over this large cat. What did they expect? Did they expect the lion to come and cuddle with her? Sorry, the lion gets my sympathy here.

You can hear one of the people say that he's "playing" when he lunges at them. If the Bowmanville Zoo had quality handlers and staff they would know the cat wants to play and probably won't be controlled if he truly wants to pounce on someone.

Remind me not to take my kids to the Bowmanville Zoo. On the heals of the Tiger incident in San Francisco, they decide to shoot this video? Are the officials at the Bowmvanville zoo that devoid of intelligence? This "back woods" move shows that they have no regard for their wild animals and would rather put them in jeopardy to make a few dollars. Idiots, complete and total idiots. All of them.

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What are cat lovers ordering at Tokyo’s Café Calico Cat?

“I’ll take my tea with a Tabby”

This is a picture of Harumi Kaneko cuddling with "Choco", one of the cats customers can play with for about $8.00 an hour at the Cat Café Calico.

Housing regulations in Tokyo don’t allow pets. So if you can’t have a cat, the next best thing is going to a place like Café Calico Cat. Where you can curl up with a good book, a warm fire and purring cat. It’s a dream come true for Japanese cat lovers. There are three busy cat cafés in Tokyo. All three are filled with lovely, well-groomed cats for patrons to cuddle with before getting on with their busy days.


Which makes me wonder about the 600,000 cats and dogs gassed in Japan yearly? Where are those cat lovers when the gas chamber fills up with gas and the cats scream for their lives? Or later when they aren't quite dead yet and they burn alive?

These seemingly innocent cafés that are beautifully furnished and attract wealthy Japanese are really contributing to the overpopulation of cats in Japan. The cafés don't take in stray cats, they get their cats from breeders. So while a privileged few are being cuddled by people like Mrs. Kaneko, just outside the comforts of the café - poor, lonely, starved cats are being rounded up and taken to gas chambers where they are mercilessly killed and incinerated by the hundreds every day.

Why do so many cats have to suffer when there are so many people in Japan who supposedly love cats? Please sign the Japan's cats and dogs need our help petition. Maybe together we can put an end to the needless suffering of so many cats in a nation that clearly adores cats.

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Does a name like Ruth Butterworth sound like someone that can kick some butt? Well that's exactly what she did!


Ruth Butterworth reacted quickly to a hungry python that was probably going to eat her cat for lunch. "I just started punching the thick part of the snake where it was about the size of my arm," Ms Butterworth said. "I wasn't looking, I just kept punching until it let go." The mild mannered woman broke her wrist in the process but did manage to save her cat Tuffy.

Only days before, Ms. Butterworth lost another cat named Coco to the same python. Needless to say, if anyone or anything gets near this lady's cat, they're going to have to answer to her.

Source: The Courier Mail


You can tell a lot about Paris Hilton’s character by the way she treats her pets. Regardless of the fact that she has been in the news a lot lately for all sorts of things. Videos of her having sex with different guys…she was jailed last year. She went on David Lettermen (the second time) and said she was going to support a lot of not for profits.. but hasn’t. She’s even been video taped at a club using racial slurs. All of these things could be explained simply by immaturity, lack of guidance, and a lost girl just trying to find herself. Would the real Paris Hilton please stand up?

Well, Paris Hilton has revealed her true nature recently, by abandoning a living, breathing, beautiful animal. This cowardly act tells us she has no strength of character, no morals, no sense of decency. So any bit of sympathy I may have had for her, poor little rich kid, is gone. She really should have all her pets taken away and hell she should be caged up.

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