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Cancer, digestive problems like chronic diarrhea, kidney failure or disease, urinary tract disease, diabetes and obesity are the main diseases that could be eliminated by feeding your cat moist, canned or homemade cat food.


Dry cat food may be convenient and inexpensive, but the time and money you save may end up costing you more to keep your cat healthy. Recently, more and more studies show that dry cat food is too full of grains and fillers to be considered healthy for your cat. A common mistake that vets and common people make is to treat your cat like a little dog. A cat's physiology is completely different from a dogs. What works for dogs, kibble with a bowl of water, does not work for cats. Cats are carnivores, unlike dogs, cats can't be healthy with a lot of grains and fillers in their food.

Here are six diseases that have been directly linked to dry cat food:

Whether it's caused by sunburn, parasites, medication, obesity or dry skin, cat dandruff is irritating and it could signal possible healthy problems. Cat dandruff occurs in healthy cats at the base of the tail because that is a hard to clean area, but some cats get dandruff all over their bodies for several reasons.


Cat Dandruff can be caused by:

*sunburnt skin that dies and peals off

*parasites that are living on your cats body

*lack of humidity in the air

*sensitivity to carpets, perfumes or other irritants in your home or yard

*medications that cause dry, itchy scalp

But the one major cause of Cat Dandruff is:


You see cats don't get enough moisture in their bodies if all they are fed is dry cat food. By nature, in the wild, cats get moisture from the live prey they hunt and eat, but our domestic feline friends don't get that moisture. And it is just not in their nature to drink enough water to compensate for it. So if you feed your cat dry food, start giving him moist canned, homemade or raw food and you'll notice a difference.

But what if you already feed your cat canned food and he still has dandruff?


There is something else that you can do and you'll notice health benefits beyond measure. Give your cat Essential Fatty Acids, you know, the ones you hear about all the time. Omega 3 - there are several formulas out there, but the best source is fish oil. Especially Cod Liver Oil. You can get it anywhere now, grocery stores, drug stores, health food stores. Just put a few drops on your cat's soft food and slowly work up to a teaspoon.

Cats love the taste so you won't have a hard time convincing them to take their Cod Liver Oil!

You should always talk to your vet about any supplements you are thinking about giving to your cat. If you are looking for a holistic vet you can find one at the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.

healthy cat food.jpgFinally, good food for cats, feline organic pet food in can and dried food from Halo, Purely for Pets. Halo, actually guarantees that you'll notice a difference in your cat's health after using their products. Amazing.

The ingredients list is very impressive, butcher quality meats, vegetables and whole grains. No fillers or preservatives, and nothing that can hurt your cat. But what would you expect from Ellen DeGeneres? She's always been an animal activist and now she's a co-owner of Halo, Purely for Pets Holistic Pet Food. She even feeds this to her own pets.

The best way to keep your cat healthy is to feed him good quality cat food. Its just like for people, people can't eat only candy, chocolate and soda and expect good health. Too often cat food manufacturers fill their cat food with fillers and by products, and so little nutritional ingredients. Then you feed this to your cat and your cat gets fat, or develops diabetes, or heart disease.

So check out their line of cat food and compare it to what you are feeding your cat now.


Declawing cats is illegal in many countries, for good reason, it's easy to trim your cat's claws and you don't have to permanently damage your cat to do it.

You need proper equipment, though, don't use human nail clippers because they shatter the claw and cause your cat pain. There are several claw trimmers on the market, your vet probably has a set that she uses to trim your cat's nails before an examination. There are many different types, but all of them have some things in common. All trimmers have a rounded blade and close in on the cats claw. The better ones look like little scissors with two small round blades. These ones don't crush the cat's nail.

picture_of_cat_nail_trimmer.jpg Gently squeeze your cat's paw and you will see his retractable claws come out. Before you begin, look closely at the claw to see where you will need to cut. Just like if you were cutting a child's nails, you don't want to get too close because it will hurt. There is a large vein running through the claw, called the quick. Trim just the tip off the nail, leave room between the quick and the blade. If you cut the quick, your cat will be in pain and likely will not let you finish trimming his claws.picture_of_cat_claws_where_to_cut.jpg It may not seem like such a small cut is effective but it makes a huge difference to your cat. If his nails are trimmed, he'll be less likely to scratch your furniture and it won't hurt if playtime gets a little rough. With regular trimming, the quick actually retracts a little bit. In time, you'll be able to trim his nails quit short so they won't cause any damage when he scratches.

Any amount of milk is too much milk. It is just a myth that cats need milk. In the wild, cats don't normally take down a cow so their bodies weren't designed to ingest milk. As a matter of fact, milk will cause obesity, diabetes, urinary tract disorders, diarrhea, gas and other illnesses. The only exception is orphaned kittens who are younger than three months. Even then, you aren't supposed to use cow's milk because it is too hard on their bodies.

I know, I know, it goes completely against what everyone believes about cats. You always see pictures of cats, especially kittens drinking milk. But just because it tastes good, doesn't mean it's good for them - think antifreeze - lots of cats are attracted to the taste of antifreeze, but antifreeze kills cats.


I know people who feed their cats milk everyday and the cats seem to be doing fine, but I am sure that the cats would be doing much better if they weren't addicted to milk. Yeah I said addicted, they gotta have their fix of milk everyday. Milk is too high in carbs. For cats, milk is not about nutrition, milk is about the carbs and the taste. It's a treat, but everyone knows that if you eat treats everyday, you will eventually develop some side effect - obesity, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, etc. If you want to give your cat a treat, give them cat treats, not cow's milk.

Worried about property damage from cats? Trimming your cat's claws is the best way to avoid it.

Trimming your cat's claws is safe and easy. And it is much healthier for your cat than declawing - which is slicing off their fingers, leaving them in pain, emotionally damaged and unable to walk properly.

Ok, this guy has a very well trained F2 (second generation) Savannah male. I've never seen a cat so comfortable with having his claws cut! This is a good demonstration of how to cut your cat's claws. But if you don't have a cat that sits on a pedestal and gives you his paw, then keep watching.

This guy also has an F1 Savannah female who is not as laid back about having her nails trimmed. He demonstrates how to hold her through the process. Every cat owner has to trim the nails regularly to prevent property damage from cats. Also, if you opt in to get nail caps for cats, you have to trim regularly.

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