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cat_urine_cleaner.jpgCat urine emits a real foul odor and can make your house stink. It can be a real nuisance if the cat urinates on your carpet because it will just seep through the fibers in the carpet and cause mold. So you are now faced with two foul smelling problems instead of on. But your problems worsen if the cat urinates on a wooden floor, because it will sink right through and cause a stench that will just not go away even after you have rubbed the surface off.

While it is best to clean the wet urine, sometimes you may not notice the 'accident' until the smell hits you. In such an event, you might like to try some of these tried and tested methods that will help you to quickly and easily get rid of the cat urine odor and the ungainly stains.

1. Use absorbent cloths to soak up the urine wet area.

2. If you are trying to clean a wooden floor, wipe away the residue with a slightly damp cloth, and then dab dry.

3. Next, use either a household cleaner to remove the stain. Alternately, you can use:

a. A solution of hydrogen peroxide that is diluted to about 3%. Simply spray this over the stained area. Wait for around 5 minutes and blot dry.

b. A mix of baking soda and hand soap to work out the stains and the smell of cat urine.

c. White vinegar that has been diluted to around 25-30%. Just spray it on the affected area and blot after a few minutes.

d. Baking soda to remove cat urine odors from carpets and upholstery. But it doesn't work on cat urine that has seeped through wooden floors.

e. NOTE: Before even attempting to do this on a large area, it would be best to first test it out on a smaller area to be safe just in case it goes horribly wrong.

If you are not looking for home remedies, you may want to try out cat urine cleaners that available in pet stores. Most such products contain ingredients that destroy the bacteria in the urine, and this helps to get rid of the annoying stains or odors.

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Be prepared to take your cat with you if you have to evacuate your home. If the area is unsafe for humans, it's unsafe for cats too. It is a myth that animals can take care of themselves in a disaster. I know you hear stories about families being reunited with their pets after a disaster but those stories are rare. No one hears about all the cats that perish in floods, fires and other disasters that you might have to evacuate your home for. Your family will be calmer and happier during this time of crisis if they have their beloved cat with them.

So what do you do if you have to evacuate?...

feral-kitten.jpgWith the steady decline in the economy, more and more people are abandoning their cats. Shelters are overflowing with cats that people can no longer care for. That's why June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month at the ASPCA. I can't imagine having to give up Neo for any reason, but the truth of the matter is that many families are having to give up their pets at a time when they need them the most.

It is in hard times that we turn to others for support, including our furry children. They offer ease from the stresses of life - a purr and a cuddle go a long way to make one feel better - but what if you couldn't afford to pay for your dear little furry friend's food, litter, and vet care? What if you had to take food off of your own plate or the plates of your biological children to feed your cat? What would you do?

Unfortunately, in these difficult economic times, people are faced with those questions and many of them are leaving their cats behind when the bank forecloses on their house, or abandoning them when they have to move into apartments that don't allow pets. Many of these cats starve to death, or forage for food in unfriendly neighborhoods and become wild.

pictures_of_wild_cats_domesicated.jpgBut there is an alternative, many food pantries and food banks are stocked with pet food. There are even pet food banks, ask your local animal shelter about pet food programs in your area. You can still get enough food to feed your cat and continue to enjoy his company a little while longer, maybe even until this crisis is over.

But if you are faced with the horrible decision to have to leave your pet behind, take your cat to your local ASPCA or cat shelter. June is adopt a cat month, so your kitty will surely find a nice home to go to if you are no longer able to care for him. You can rest assured that your cat will not starve to death, nor will it have to scrounge for food, and become a nuisance to the neighbors.

If you are not faced with this dilemma, you have the power to help others who are not as fortunate, who need your help to keep their cats. You can donate money, supplies or your time to shelters in your area. Just go to Shelter Source and see what their wish-lists are and donate what you can.

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It's that time of year when people start thinking about summer vacations. But what to do about Kitty? Cats are very social, even if your cat keeps to himself, he will still miss you when you are gone. Human contact is essential while you are away. Your cat doesn't know why you are gone, just that he is by himself right now and the days are long and quiet.

Some vets offer a boarding service and there are advantages to leaving your pet with a vet. Obviously, if anything goes wrong, your cat will have immediate medical care. If your cat is older or has a medical condition, a vet boarding kennel might be perfect. However, some drawbacks of a vet is that your cat could be exposed to illnesses and it could be very stressful for your cat to be away from home in a cage with other animals around.

So if you don't have a friend or relative who can come over to spend time with kitty and feed him, you might consider getting a petsitter. To find a good petsitter, check out Pet Sitters International, or National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. There are also several private cat sitters that may not belong to either of these organizations but are equally responsible and will take good care of your cat. If you want to hire a pet sitter, here are some tips for selecting the right pet sitter for you and your cat...

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