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Check out this video of a cute little black kitten taking a bath. This kitten loves the water! He is splashing around with a toy and not even attempting to get out! He is so cute to watch. It’s funny when he makes a big pounce in the water and get his face wet – but he doesn’t mind!

This video proves that cats can love water.

Whaaaa? Are you serious?! A cat that eats with a fork, spoon and chop sticks? I can't eat with chopsticks, how can a cat?! Tesa has better table manners than most people and she wants to have dinner with Oprah, Tiger Woods and David Duvall!

Imagine a 400lb Lion hugging you!? It turns out that the King of the Jungle is just a really, really big kitten.

This woman rescues big cats in Colombia. The lion was abused, injured and malnourished. She took him in and cared for him until he was healthy – the two developed a close bond. He loves her. He really loves her. You’ll see in the video that he recognizes her right away and so excited that she’s there. He jumps up and wraps his paws around her neck and kisses her! He is actually hugging her. He acts more affectionate than some domestic cats out there! You’ve just got to see the love!

Here is another video of the same lion and the same woman – she has several big cats in her care.

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These ringtones will drive your cat crazy...

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Disciplining a cat like you discipline a dog will lead to bigger behavior problems. Dogs and cats have completely different social structures. A common mistake is to think that your cat will react to discipline like a dog will. Dogs form hierarchies. There is a “top dog” (usually the owner, but not always ;) and they learn to obey the “top dog”. But cats form social groups based on territory and respect of that territory.

So if you want to train your dog, you establish that you are the “top dog” in physical ways. But if you want to train your cat, you have to establish your territory. It’s a big mistake to hit your cat, or rub his nose in his feces. You’ll only make your cat fear you, which leads to more discipline problems because then they do things out of fear.

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