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A new cat breed is now available that doesn’t cause allergic reactions!

allerica_pictures_of_cats.jpgThese cats don’t produce the protein that causes allergies in people. And are they ever cute! ….of course there is a huge price tag (6000.00 up to 28,000.00 USD) and a long wait list (over a year) …..but for cat lovers who have allergies, it might be worth it.

Ok, so you’re asking, what did they do to those poor cats to make them hypoallergenic? Well it’s simple…if you are a geneticist who specializes in genetic divergence…not me for sure, but let me explain it the way I understand it…

Cats produce this protein that causes allergies… you find it on their skin, fur, saliva, everywhere, really…. But these scientists have isolated the gene that produces this protein. No one is telling the scientific secrets of how they found a breed of cats that produces a different version of the protein.

But what they do say is that the new breeds were developed using genetic sequencing. (exactly what breeders have been doing for years… without the science) The result was a kitten that didn’t produce the allergic response.

This type of cat is completely healthy and is bred naturally. They’ve even got two new breeds to choose from now – Siamese and the exotic Ashera. Amazing.

See pictures of hypoallergenic cats online or place your order at Allerca Lifestyle Pets.

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bengal_cat.jpgIntroduction a new kitten into your home is always a big deal. In my opinion, it becomes a bigger deal if you're purchasing a pure bred kitten. Understand that I'm not saying that pure breeds are more important than mixed cats. However, if you're going to be spending the extra money required to purchase a purebred, you should make sure the breeder is trustworthy and that you're actually getting a pure bred.

Good breeders truly care about the welfare of the kitten. The best ones almost interview you before you leave with their kitten. It's almost like it's more important that you are a good fit for the cat as opposed to the cat being a good fit for you. Isn't that the way it should be?

The best breeders are meticulous about the breeding details of the breed and they will provide very good post natal care within a clean and safe environment.

Here are some other issues that you should be on the look out for when considering breeders:

  • The best breeders consider their cat's a part of their family and make you prove that you are worthy of inheriting one of their cats.
  • They screen for hereditary diseases that typically effect the breed.
  • Belongs to one or more cat associations.
  • Will allow you to visit their facility at anytime.
  • Socializes with their kittens.
  • The best breeders have sociable personality traits and are open with regards to advantages and disadvantages to the breeds.
  • Will have the kitten spayed or neutered.
  • A good breeder will know all of the kitten's personalities.
  • Getting references from a breeder should never be an issue. Always follow up on references and contact the references yourself.
  • Accountable breeders will provide health clearances, pedigrees, title certificates, registration papers and any other paperwork required for the breed.

  • If you get a bad feeling about your breeder or if your breeder isn't forthcoming with certain details about the kitten; choose another breeder. In my opinion, the best breeders are completely transparent with regards to the details of the breed. Failure to provide any of the documents listed above usually means that something isn't right. Most reputable breeders provide a health guarantee and a complete refund policy.

    Whether you've had good or bad experiences with certain breeders, I would love to hear your story.

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