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They sailed to America on the Mayflower; these All-American cats are a part of history. The American Shorthair makes a terrific pet. They are sensitive and playful and are good with children and adults alike. Because of their strength and good health, they have a long lifespan, so expect almost two decades of love from your American Shorthair.

Quick Cat Characteristics


Physical: Medium to large build, muscular with slightly rounded ears and a long tail.

Color: Many colors with tabby markings or patched.

Temperament: A cuddly lap cat that also loves to play.

History: One of America’s first settlers. The American Shorthair had a place on the Mayflower.


The Birman breed is playful and curious, yet gentle and soft spoken, a real live teddy bear. Once believed to be the reincarnated priests of Ancient Burma, Birman cats are still sacred cats. Anyone who owns one knows how loving and gentle these peaceful cats can be. Traditionally, all Birman kittens born in the same year are given names that start with the same letter of the alphabet. No letters are skipped and every 26 years the breeders start with the letter A again.

Physical – Strong and stocky with long body, legs and tail.

Color – strong contrasting color in Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac point with a creamy white body and pure white fingers and toes.

Temperament – Extremely calm and docile, yet playful and social.

History – Guardians of the ancient temples of the Khmer people of Burma, two cats were brought to France in 1919 and the breed was developed, later all but two cats were destroyed in World War II.

european_cave_lion.jpgThe scientific name for this cat is Panthera Leo Spelaea but it is more commonly known as the European Cave Lion, European Lion or the Cave Lion.

The European Cave Lion first appeared in Europe around 500 000 to 700 000 years ago. Paintings of this cat have been found in many European caves depicting the animal hunting together in teams similar to current modern day lions.

What is a Liger you ask? Well a Liger is the offspring of a father lion and a mother tiger. What happens when you breed these animals together is pretty incredible. No one understand why when you breed these animals together, you are left with a Liger that can weigh more than both parents combined.

Over the coming weeks we'll be taking a look at all the cross breed types like Tigons, Li-Liger, Li-tigon, Ti-liger and Ti-Tigons.

This dramatic video shows you exactly how large Ligers can become.

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Pictures_of Cats_American-bobtail.jpg

Born in the wild, American Bobtail Cats are a naturally occurring breed that has only recently been recognized.

The first at the door to greet company, will follow you from room to room in the house, plays fetch and even likes to play in water! American Bobtail cats are intensely devoted to their humans. But be sure to groom them regularly and keep lots of toys on hand, better yet, get two bobtails to keep each other amused while you are out!

Quick Cat Characteristics of the American Bobtail Breed:

Physical: Short tail, strong, stocky body with hind legs slightly longer than their front legs. A short tail.

Color: A distinctively wild appearance, but can be any color with long or short fur.

Temperament: Confident, friendly, easily adaptable and fairly vocal.

History: feral cats possessing a short tail.


Loving, Intelligent and Obedient, the Abyssinian Cat is one of the oldest known cat breeds.

Yep, I said Obedient, a rare personality trait amongst cats. But beware that although they’ll obey you and want to be part of your family, they’ll also do some shocking and intelligent things. Imagine a cat that lifts things to his mouth instead of lowering his head to pick it up! Abyssinians develop little habits like this that set them apart from other breeds. They’ll make you wonder...

Unless something is done soon, most of these cats won't be around too much longer. Limited efforts are being taken to try and save most of these cats. The main issue unfortunately is that with so few of these cats left, the incidence of inbreeding is much higher which can cause it's own problems like genetic disorders, reduced fertility, higher infant mortality, reduced effectiveness of immune system, lower birth rate and so on.

Many of these cats are literally months from being extinct. You can do your part by donating to the World Conservation Union.


Amur Tiger extinction.jpegAmur Tiger also known as the Siberian Tiger: With approximately 400 to 500 of these incredible cats left, the Amur Tiger's days are numbered. The cat lives throughout China, the Korean Peninsula, South Eastern Russia and North Eastern Mongolia.

These incredible cats can weigh anywhere from 100 to 350 kg and are slightly taller than their popular Bengal Tiger cousins.

Compared to other species of tigers, the Siberian Tiger has a larger mane, furrier paws and generally more white and less striping in their coats.

Siberian Tigers are known for there mellow and fair tempered demeanor.

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