Why Cats Purr

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The reason cats purr is because they're content.


The purr comes from two membrane folds, called false vocal chords, that are situated behind the actual vocal cords. Cats purr at 26 cycles per second. Kitty purrs both when he or she inhales and exhales, all the time keeping his or her mouth completely closed. Scientists think purring is produced by blood in a large vein in the chest cavity that vibrates and is then magnified by air in the windpipe.

Kittens are born blind and deaf; but the vibration of their mothers' purring is a physical signal that the kittens can feel -- it acts like a homing device, signaling them to nurse. Kittens begin to purr at about one week of age, and this signals Mom that they are getting their milk.


A deep purr can indicate that your feline is in pain or experiencing distress. Female cats for instance, purr when they're in labor. Sometimes cats purr from fear. Cats also purr when they are anticipating something that will make them happy, like food or being pet.

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