Five Times The Kibble Tomorrow Only!

I got this email from Mimi, from Free Kibble, she's continuing her great work to feed hungry cats and dogs, and tomorrow is a special day, 5 times the kibble for every answer right or wrong, so make sure you click tomorrow. Mimi writes:

"This is Mimi Ausland from :-) I know that you have been very supportive of, and I wanted to give you an update on what has been going on. We have donated over 1,779,084 meals to homeless dogs and cats and have given this food to 13 monthly shelters and over 60 large one time donations to shelters across the country! We are starting to do some new things here at to raise even more food for homeless animals. Including an event called the Freekibble Hi-5! On November 5th, we will donate 5 times the kibble (50 pieces), for each person that plays Bow-wow trivia. Halo Pets is sponsoring the event with no limit on the kibble!

"Therefore, we want to get as many people as we can to go to the site - so we can raise a bunch of kibble! Our goal is to generate 5 million pieces of kibble on the 5th. I was wondering if you would consider posting the FreeKibble Hi-5 on FaceKitty to help spread the word? Or maybe putting a link to on your website, or tweet it! That would be awesome! This is a great opportunity to help feed a lot more dogs. Thanks so much!

Here is a link to more information...


And it's fun to play, I learned that in the 16th century, anyone visiting an English home would kiss the family to bring good luck! Ha I knew kissing Neo was a good thing!


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