Tips on Training a Kitten

Article by Sandy Stone

cat1px00010_91_2.jpegIf you decide to get a kitten for your home and keep it indoors, remember that you are taking a lot of responsibility on yourself. You will have a lot more things to do than to only feed and play with your new friend. Your kitten will need to be trained in order to behave well in the house. This may take much of your time and will require a lot of patience and effort.

Usually the best time to teach an animal something is when the animal is still young and so it is with kittens. Luckily cats don't need to go to a special behavior training school like dogs do. It is easier to raise a cat yourself than it is with a dog.

Before you get a cat, read about how they behave in general. If you don't do that it will be very hard for you. Maybe you are not a cat person at all? Cats are affectionate and usually well behaved. If a cat doesn't behave well, you can be sure there is something wrong with them or the environment they live in. As soon as you find out what it is and fix it, the problem is solved and your cat will start to behave normally.

Here are some tips to help you train your little cat at home:

Little cats love to play. They need to exercise. If you will not provide toys for them they will find things from your home and it will be most likely be things you would not want them to play with.

Usually kittens are not toilet trained. You will need to train them in order to keep your home clean and odor free. Get a suitable litter box which is not too small for your cat. Your cat should feel comfortable in it. Put some shredded newspaper or carpet on the bottom initially, as this will help your kitten to understand what it is used for. When they are using the litter box consistently you can then change over to regular cat litter.

In order to protect your furniture from being scratched, you need to buy a scratching pad or post for your cat. A little kitten may not able to destroy much of anything at first because their claws are not strong, but when your cat gets older they will be a danger to your furniture. Your best tool while training your kitten is rewards. Every time your little cat does something good give them a little treat as a reward. Remember about this wonderful tool. It will make or break your training. Hitting or shouting will not be beneficial; if you do that they will be afraid of you and you will not be able to teach them anymore.

Little kittens are wonderful, sweet and lovable. The time you will spend with your little one will be joyful and happy. Your effort will pay off and you will have a well behaved cat at home.

Sandy Stone is a cat lover and author. She owns and maintains No Bad Cats!, a resource for training a kitten.

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