Your Diabetic Cat - Don't Fall For These Five Myths About Feline Diabetes

Article by Darlene L. Norris

pictures_cats_comfortable.jpegHave you ever heard any of these myths about feline diabetes? If you have a diabetic cat, you need to know the truth about this disease, not a bunch of old wives' tales. Don't be paralyzed by ignorance. Know the facts about your feline diabetic, and learn how you can help him.

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Myth #1. You'll Have To Put Your Diabetic Cat To Sleep

Not necessarily. Unless your pet has other health issues like kidney failure or is very elderly, it's possible to manage this disease. However, you do need to realize that it does take quite a bit of time, especially at first, to learn how to check your furry friend's blood sugar and then to give him an insulin injection, if needed.

pictures_fat_cat.jpgMyth #2. You Can't Prevent Feline Diabetes

Actually, some experts firmly believe that this condition is a man-made disease, and that it's totally preventable by feeding your pet a high-quality canned food instead of dry cat food.

The biggest issue with dry food is that the carbohydrate level is much too high for your kitty. Felines are meant to eat meat, not grains, and most dry foods are overwhelmingly composed of grains. Although this is good for the bottom line of the pet food companies, it's not good for the bottom line concerning your pet's health.

Feeding too much of the wrong kind of food leads to an overweight feline, which is a sure recipe for many other health problems, including diabetes in cats.

Myth #3.You Can't Check Your Kitty's Blood Sugar Levels At Home

Of course you can. In fact, you should. It's essential to know what his blood sugar level is before you give him an insulin injection. You'll also save a lot of time and money if you don't always have to be taking your pet to the vet for a blood sugar check. Plus it's much less stressful for your furball if you can do it at home. Your vet can and should teach you how to to this.

Myth #4. Once Your Furball Is On Insulin, You'll Never Get Him Off

Actually, diabetes in cats can sometimes be reversed by changing your kitty's diet. As mentioned above, he shouldn't be eating dry food at all. Canned food is best. If he's overweight, he needs to lose weight, but slowly and carefully, as a too-rapid weight loss can lead to very serious problems.

Get your kitty exercising more. Encourage him to play by tempting him with a toy on a string. Exercise will help him lose weight, and is a great way to manage blood sugar levels naturally. Start slowly, and work up to two or three ten-minute sessions a day.

really_fat_cat.jpgMyth #5. Natural Remedies For Cats Are A Waste Of Time

Research has shown that herbs, including goat's rue, fenugreek, and astragalus, along with the mineral chromium, are very effective in controlling blood sugar levels in pets, as well as in people. In fact, by using a combination of diet, exercise, and herbs and dietary supplements, you may be able to dispense with insulin injections completely.

Don't buy into any of these myths about feline diabetes. Stop feeling helpless and take charge of your kitty's health today. Learn more about how diet, exercise, and natural remedies for cats can control and even reverse diabetes in cats.

Darlene Norris has combined her experience working at a vet clinic with her long-time interest in natural healing to bring you her new website, Natural Pet Diabetes Control. Learn how you can use natural remedies for cats to treat your diabetic cat by visiting http://NaturalPetDiabetesControl.com

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until now i didn't know that those hat cats in the photos i saw in the net have diabetes... the poor things

Thanks for the advices, they are really useful especially since I've heard more than once these myths said like undisputable truths!

Lil Relation said:

Thanks for the interesting article. Everybody who has deceased cat should read it. If you treat your cat right way, the decease wont be fatal.
Anyway i suggest consulting a vet.

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