The Mysterious Cat and Human Relationship

_pictures_cats_clean_ears.jpgExperts say that it's impossible to get your cat to do something because of their independent nature. They also say that cats have chosen to live with humans to survive. Many people don't believe that but there are also people that support this belief. They are usually the people who don't like cats. You need to choose for yourself what you really believe.

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If you have or had a cat, you know what great animals they are and how well they bond with people. You also know that they have very special habits. They don't like just anyone and everyone; usually they choose one person that they bond with. You can easily tell if the cat is seeking a relationship with you for he will plop on your lap, seek your attention, or snuggle up at night. Usually when cats purr it means that they really love you.

Experts have looked for the answer but no one knows why cats choose particular people to bond with. There most definitely will be something about that person that this particular cat needs or likes. Maybe it's the tone of their voice, or their manners, or the way the person treats animals. Some cats like individuals who are gentle while some prefer those who are more forceful for this brings out the best in the cat.

Some researchers say that a cat chooses a person for the "psychic aura" of the person. According to this opinion, the cat chooses the person whose physic aura is compatible with the cat. It has to do a lot with positive and negative vibration. If cat feels that a certain person has a bad vibration, the cat will ignore him. Although there are people who believe that, most of cat owners will argue with this opinion.

There are many theories on that subject but no one really knows what is causing cats to like or dislike certain people. What basis they have to bond with us is still a mystery. One thing is certain; it might not be only a natural instinct of survival. Cat owners know best how cats crave attention. Cats need to feel needed. They are affectionate creatures if you give them a proper environment.

New cat owners may say it's impossible to get your cat to have a bond with people. It is true that cats bond differently than dogs or other animals. There is no wonder in it - cats are different than dogs and they shouldn't be expected to act like them. One thing is sure, the more time you spend with your cat the more of a bond you will have with them. With time you will see that your relationship with your cat is changing for the good. Sometimes it will take a long time because cats differ among each other. But finally you will find yourself in a place when you and your cat get along pretty well.

Article by Sandy Stone from No Bad Cats

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Catwoman said:

In high school I was called "Catwoman" by some of my friends, because they thought my eyes were catlike. There's more where that came from. I seem to be a true cat person. It isn't just that I love cats. It's that they love me, too. They seem to sense something about me that makes them trust me, even when they are half feral. I adopted an abandoned cat that was beginning to become slightly feral. He bonded with me instantly when I approached him. He waited for me to go out and return with food. He doesn't really want anybody else to get near him. I also had an experience with a domesticated wolf where the wolf bonded closely with me. Also, I have been able to get close to a wild cat (lion) that was trained, and this lion was very friendly toward me. I think that animals do pick up on a kind of vibe from people. Cats know when you're a cat person. Animals know when you are an animal lover. If you've ever been in a hospital and felt sensitive to nurses and caregivers who really care and those who don't, I think it is basically the same kind of phenomenon. If you are genuine, it shows. Cats know. The wonderful thing is that they will return the love and it is just as genuine. Cat/person love is honest and sincere.

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