Huge FreeKibble News From Mimi

cat_food_bowl.jpgWe have some HUGE news from freekibble!

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The biggest news is that we've reached over 1 MILLION MEALS of kibble generated for shelter dogs and cats! So THANK YOU ALL and on to the next million!

Here's the rest of the Big News:

1. We're super excited to introduce our new Dog Cookies. We worked with Castor & Pollux our kibble kontributer and created our own Freekibble Good Buddy Dog Cookie - I even got to choose the flavor (my favorite, Mac & Cheese). And for every box you buy, we'll donate another meal to shelter dogs and cats! They're really tasty! :-)

2. We now have FREEKIBBLE T-SHIRTS - you can find both the T's & cookies in our new Kibble Mart!

3. We have a new site design with some cool new features - including a link to our new page on Facebook.

4. Coming soon will be FKTV with freekibble kartoons, videos, contests and more!

So... Thanks again and please check everything out and let us know what you think! Here's the link, www.freekibble.com, have fun and let's keep on feeding hungry dogs and cats!

Announcement written by Mimi Ausland, founder of FreeKibble.

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