When it comes to litter boxes, Bigger is Better!

I get so many people emailing me about cats peeing outside their litter boxes. Even Neo does it and I thought he had a urinary tract infection, I've tried different types of litter, cleaning his litter box every day and putting his litter box in quiet areas. Everything they experts have suggested.

Cat_Litter_Box.jpgThe only thing he seems to like, is to go outside - so I let him out as often as I can, but that doesn't always work. But there is hope for all of us with the problem of cats urinating outside the litter box.

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According to Dr. Tony Buffington at Ohio State University, a litter box should be 1.5 x longer than your cat - that's 1 and a half cats!

Neo is about 20 inches long so an ideal cat litter box for him would 1.5 x 20 which equals 30 inches. The ideal litter box for Neo would be at least 30 inches long! When I measured him, I didn't include his tail because cats usually lift their tails out of the way when they use the litter box. Besides, Neo has a freakishly long tail!

30 inches is way longer than a standard litter box, so what can you do? A suggestion is to get one of those clear plastic storage containers. I'm going to find one this weekend and let Neo try it out. I'll let you know how it works.

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