LItter Box Oder: Number 1 Reason Why Cats Urinate Outside the Litter Box

pictures_cats_dirty_litter_box.jpgImagine you are out for the day, someplace nice, someplace that you like to be...visualize the place... is it a shopping mall or an amusement park, a movie theatre... a public pool, a nice park or at the zoo? Ok, get a clear picture in your mind of a really nice, fun place to be. Got it? Ok. Now let me ask you a question.

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How would you feel if the bathroom to this really nice place was smelly, had toilet paper strewn all over the place, no running water and someone urinated on the floor? How would it make you feel to have to walk through the urine with your bare feet? How would you feel if you couldn't wash properly after?

Pretty disgusting image isn't it? I've been in my fair share of scuzzy bathrooms. Some of them, I've just turned right around and 'held it' until I could get to a clean bathroom. And other times, when I had no choice but to use the facilities, I've felt like I needed a shower after just walking in there, let alone getting half naked to do my business. Ok maybe this is too much information.. but you get the idea. I swear there have been times when I considered peeing in a bush somewhere instead of using the bathroom.

So now, imagine what it's like for your cat whose sense of smell is 4x more sensitive than a human's. If you think it smells bad, just imagine what it must smell like for Kitty!

And to make matters worse, imagine what it must be like to have to walk in there, dig around in dirty litter then cover it up. Then you have to lick your paws clean? That's what it's like for your cat to use a litter box that isn't kept clean.

Another issue with smelly, dirty litter boxes is that in your cat's mind, that smell is attracting predators. Your cat may feel vulnerable and frightened to use the litter box. In the wild, predators locate their prey by scent, so a smelly litter box is like a neon fast food sign to predators. That's why cats are so careful to clean themselves all the time.. they don't want to become the lunch special to a coyote!

So do your cat a favor and keep his litter box clean and I bet the peeing problem will go away. So here's what you have to do.

Pictures_cats_litter_box_scoop.jpg1. Scoop out the clumps and poop every day - yes I said every day, just go one day without flushing your toilet and you'll understand why you have to do it everyday! Some cats like it done twice a day.

2. Add in a little bit of fresh litter to replace the wet and soiled litter you scoop out every day. This only amounts to a cup or two of litter but it makes a big difference to Kitty because cats like a lot of litter to dig around in.

3. Once a week (or more if your cat is particular about her litter box), empty out all the litter, wash out the litter box with a mild detergent - dish soap works well, but nothing too harsh like bleach or perfumed because it smells way stronger to your cat than to you and you might end up with an unhappy cat peeing on the floor again. Then fill the litter box with fresh, clean litter.

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