How do You Know if Your Cat Loves You? 6 signs to look for

pictures_cats_love.jpgDoubters will say that a cat only shows affection when he's hungry or wants something and that a cat is not truly capable of love. Those people obviously have never felt the love of a cat. I have to admit that food does play a part in it, but it does with people too - you know, the old adage "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach"

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So by feeding and caring properly for your cat you are actually laying the groundwork for love. But how do you know if your cat actually loves you?

Well there have been clinical studies done about how a person's heart rate lowers when they pet their cats and that can lead to a longer, healthier life. And the same studies have been conducted on cats. It turns out that their heart rate lowers when you show affection toward them, which is a sign of bonding, and love. According to these studies, the presence or touch of their human reduces stress.

Just think about when your cat is under stress, what does he do? He may run and hide, until the stress time is over, but then he usually appreciates your love and cuddles after the fact. Some cats run to their owners for safety during the stress time. Like Neo presses himself into me so hard, he'll push me off balance.

And I can remember a story Wendell told me about Maddy- she got tangled up in some netting and she was struggling and meowing - clearly under stress because she couldn't get out. But as soon as she heard Wendell's voice, she stopped struggling and let him gently untangle her.

Now that we know cats can bond with humans and feel love. What signs can you look for in your cat to know if he loves you?

pictures_cats_love_2.jpg1. Contributing to the household - you may not see it that way, but when your cat catches something, a mouse, a bird or even a toy and brings it to you and drops it at your feet, that's a sign of love. He wants to contribute and show that he can provide for you too.

2. Following you around - your cat may act casual about it, you know saunter into the room after you've already been there, or casually look away when you glance back at him. But clearly, your cat is interested in you and wants to be where you are.

3. Getting depressed when you leave - you may not see this, but if someone else is at home when you go, they might see it. Your cat may meow for you, or just go find a quiet spot and sleep until you return. If you have a predictable routine or make a distinct sound when you come home, your cat will be excited to see you. Again he may act casual about it, but trust me, he's excited to see you.

4. Sending you Cat Kisses - when your cat stares at you and then squints or closes his eyes. That is a huge sign of affection - in the cat world, that is the signal to other cats that this cat is not a threat. Your cat is completely vulnerable to you at that time. Send cat kisses back to him.

5. Overt signs of affection - rubbing his head on you, and walking by and tapping you with his tail - nothing a cat does is by accident, so if your cat rubs against you or touches you with his tail, it's love!

6. Lying on his back - exposing the tummy is sure sign that your cat trusts you - if a cat did this in the wild, he'd be lunch. But don't think your cat wants a belly rub - most cats don't want their tummy's rubbed, they might like a gentle stoke from chest to belly, but you have to know your cat and what he wants before you touch an exposed belly.

Just because cats can't kiss you, and hug you and hold your hand doesn't mean they don't love you - if you open up your heart and eyes and really see what your cat is doing, you'll understand that he loves you, he really loves you.

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Jessica said:

My cat, who's currently sleeping on my legs, must love me very much. He actually goes on walks with me. I've went around the block walking my dog and my cat would follow behind us. My neighbors' faces are priceless. XD

Anonymous said:

My cat must love me to death, cause I find it pretty odd that a cat demands to ride around on someone's shoulder wherever they go, and if you put them down, somehow they'll manage to break skin and climb back up and purr their heart out. My cat who demands a shoulder ride, and my other cats who won't stop following me around the neighborhood, does just that. My girl will manage to mope around when I'm down at my dads. Apparently she sits by the door and meows all day until I come home, which then, she claws her way up my leg and onto my shoulder.

tasha said:

my cat will attack me if i pet it too long or not enough hiss at me if she thinks im following her and i truly think she hates me. but for some reason she only sits on my lap unless im not there and if im not she wont allow anyone to pet her. does she love me or does she think she is dominent over us?

me said:

i have 3 cats. i have a fully grown cat that is tiny it's so adorable! well she loves to ride on my head and shoulders. i am thinking about taking her to work with me. it is a very cat friendly place and other people have done so before. i am just wondering if it is a good idea. seeing as she loves me to bits. they always bring mice in... i once gave one to her for her dinner. XD

Anonymous said:

I'm really not sure if my cat trusts me. Ok, this is how it starts. When he was born, he wasn't able to breath because his mom was busy licking the nostrils clean for the other 4. I read about how to do this, so I got a cloth and hastily got all the gunk that was in there.(Not really fun.) I returned him to his mom, Abbey, and let her do the rest of the mothering "stuff." Now, though, I've already been favoring him. When he lost his "rattish" features and grew fur, I was starting to get ideas for his name. My mom always said to not bond with the kittens because she wasn't going to take them in, and they would go to the humane society after they were old enough. I guess I really didn't care about what she said, because I bonded alright! Later, about 4 weeks, his timidness left in boatloads, not leaving one mark left too. While the others, now Ginger, Boots, and Oreo, were in their cardboard refuge, he was out exploring the ins and outs of the house. We lost him so many times, under the wardrobe, under the house, and sometimes he managed to get inside the silverware drawers! I decided to name him then, Sylvester. When he was old enough, I tried bonding with him... I still have his bite marks to this day! When it was time for him to learn to chew solid food, I helped my beloved Abbey by giving lessons to Sylvester and Oreo. It worked. I taught them how to chew properly and to not make a mess, not only that but I taught them how to drink water from a bowl. I don't remmember how, but I remember I went to some messy lengths to do it. Abbey always gave me grateful glances, and I would then, always gently, scratch the back of her ear. I felt like we had a tiny little family. Then came the dreadful time, because of my constant begging my mom let me choose one to bring to Florida with me. It was a hard decision, but for some reason, I had constant hope for Sylvester. He was a nightmare in Florida, always hurting guests and family, badly too. I was glad about one thing though, we were close, and so I wasn't in constant danger as my little sister was. I spoiled him by buying him lots of toys and letting him sleep in my bed, and I insisted that we only by him Science Diet, a 17$ pack of food. Boy was he beautiful too! He had a luxous black coat with white toes and a white nose. He never seemed to really like me though, only when I offered a wool blanket or kitty treats. I loved HIM though, and I never gave up like my family did. Then, we moved to Hinesville, Goergia. By then he was a grown, young adolescent. He made people bleed and cry, which worried me for my familys safety and his safety. I then decided to go goth, maybe to match his mood, who knows why.My room was specialized for him and me only, and I nicknamed him, "My Halloween." Then, my mom put him outside, and now he is an outdoor cat. I went back to my usual green-self and I still remember the times he would meow at my bedroom door all night, or when he would get mad at me and then tip over his water bowl. He is a good cat now, more muscular and tough. He rubs against my legs and sometimes we would go outside and stargaze, but what is love for me and my cat? Why was/am I the only one who sees good in his tiny heart. The real truth is, even if HE doesn't love me, I WILL ALWAYS love him

whitney said:

My cat must be plotting to kill me...she does drive by clawings on me, MUST sleep on my face at all points in time, follows me into the shower, walked up my leg when i come home, HAS to be right next to me 24hrs a day PERIOD. I think she is just trying to figure out my habits and schedule so she can dust me at her own convienience. evil satanic black cat.

mitchell said:

whenever i pet my cat a certain amount of time, and i get tired of petting him i stand up, he then meows and grabs ahold of my leg, his claws are in, but i know he doesent want me to leave. so i sit back down and pet him some more... then if i get REALLY tired, i will curl up in a ball and wait for him to get distracted so i can sneak away, but usally he will stand guard and keep brushing against my body. he will eventualy walk away but i just think thats hardcore love. its like he cant get anought of me!

Kim said:

I'm well aware that my cat was affectionate but I didn't realize she loved me so much. She sleeps with me constantly, follows me around everywhere, rubs her head across my knuckles, knees and legs when I'm just about to stroke her. When I go away for school, she sleeps on my bed and when I come home for break, she's the first to greet me at the door and doesn't leave my side. She even acts protective - at the slightest noise or sound when we're alone together, her head perks up and she looks up at me and then towards the source of where the noise came from. She always squints or narrows her eyes at me nad has, at many times, offered me her belly. She loves to have her sides petted and her stomach gently scratched. Thank you so much for the info on the meaning of all these little actions that she does!

Katie said:

I hate when people say that cats can't love their owners. My cat that I've had for about 11 years is the best. Everyone whos ever met him knows how much he loves me.

He follows me everywhere i go, if we're in my room and i leave to go to the bathroom, he follows lol. He always sleeps with me, and not at the foot of my bed, he sleeps right up against me or on my chest(if im on my back). He always licks me as well. if hes outside and he sees me he'll start walking towards me then fall onto the ground and roll onto his back and ill rub his belly and he just lays there and sometimes will lick my hand. He's one of my best friends =))

Joe said:

I know this is an old post (very old), but I wanted to comment on the belly rub. We have one tomcat (Cuddles) who *loves* to have his belly rubbed. He'll roll over on his back, and stretch out as far as he can and purr as loud as possible while his belly is being rubbed. He's also the one that loves to headbutt us (sometimes a little roughly on the nose! :)) He's a very mild mannered cat for the most part, but I always find it interesting how much he seems to want his belly rubbed.

Shaheen said:

I have a one cat at my home and three at my fiance's and all four have different personalities. Simba, loves to be pet when you get home. But when he has had enough he will leave my lap. Shakira - maine coon) is pushy she wants attention constantly and will meow endlessly until you sit with her and oet her. Roxie her sister only wants attention from me no males allowed and she loves to cuddle with me. And last but not least our acrobat Nahla, she tiny and will wait her turn for attention and when it is her turn she will let u pet anyway you want.
We love all our cats but never though we would have FOUR. We only wanted two.

NicoleMcLellan said:

My cat must really love me. Lol. She follows me into the bathroom and sits on the side of the tub when I'm using the toilet. She will sit right at my feet when I get dressed. She follows me literally everywhere. I went to get a glass of juice the other day and she was sitting in the fridge looking at me. I just love my cat and I think she knows it. Haha. Her kittens have gotten into the routine of following me too. When I leave for work, which is a weird schedule and never the same, I'll come home and she must know it is me because she is sitting right in front of the door when I open it :)

Ashleigh said:

Rocky is the most precious thing in the world. I bought him just after i dropped out of college, on the verge of depression.. I spent my last penny that I had left for the next 2 weeks.. (and i hadn't bought groceries yet..) I didnt want to get a cat, but when i saw his tiny face behind the glass window, i fell in love. Ever since, he has never left my side. Meows when i call him.. ill ask him a question and he will give a little meow back.. He always sleeps either at my feet or at my head (taking the whole pillow, mind you.).. If i'm cuddling with my boyfriend, Rocky will push himself between us. If i ever sleep on the couch, Rocky will make sure he is between my arms, or right next to me. (this happened mostly after college when I was working nights at Tim Horton's) He always gets jealous if i play with the ferret instead of him, and he will find a way to get my attention. I can tell that my cat loves me, and i love him so much back. He's my baby.. If it wasnt for the fur and the 4 legs, i'd swear i gave birth to him myself. He brought so much joy and company in my life before i met James, and he still does.!

Ari said:

Just got my first cat yesterday and was curious about his behavior towards me, specially "kneading" on my chest and belly, rolling on his back in front of me, and "head butting" my face. Now I know better, and understand that he loves me :)

Stephanie said:

Ok I'm confused. My cat shows most of the signs that he loves me but he plays ruff. So I let him bite a little and scratch and grab when we are playing and he likes it his tail tells me so. But then other times his tail is slapping the floor as he is laying down.....yet....insists on playing with me like...trying to touch me.... and I would try and play with him but he would seem IDK what to do. I wasn't sure if it was because he was irritated that I wasn't paying attention to him but then that was a wrong move to :(

tiffany said:

hello... i have a question for u all... i have a 4 month old male cat.. that i have had since he was a week old... i bottled fed him an the whole 9 yards with him... i have just noticed recently that he has been pawing at my blanket im normally cuddled up in.. an also sucking on the blanket as if he was trying to get milk from his mother.. i was trying to figure out for the longest what that meant... maybe one of u can help me :)

Malcolm said:

My cat does another thing you didn't mention here, he uses my hand as a toy. I've read that it's not a good idea to do this since they don't realize skin isn't a toy mouse, but I have rough hands and don't mind. :)

It is funny to watch the misses have to deal with some touch kitty love though!

Jess said:

My cat loves me she follows me everywhere!! And if I'm on the computer or reading a book she will get in the way until I give up and give her full attention! I've noticed also when I'm laying down shell sniff my face and eyes then roll around on her back then lay down and put her little paw in my hand I take it as she is holding my hand lol its just so cute and sweet !

David said:

My cat has learned, by some rather painful trial and error, exactly how to bite me on the nose without causing pain. She does it only when she's worked up silly for attention, but its her most demonstrative act of affection. She also likes to sleep right under my chin while I watch TV. She talks to me when I shower (at a safe and dry distance). All in all, one of my favorite pets ever.

Tina said:

My cat Harley I adopted is the most loving cat I have ever owned. She's 9 months old and was so scared when I adopted her at 3 mths. She follows me everywhere and watches me. Watches me put on my makeup as she sits on the toilet, watches me eat, watches me dress. She has to always sleep with me anywhere I plant myself. She is a spooner, either in the front or behind. She touches my face with her paws and purrs and even gives me kisses. She loves to fetch with the hairbands laying around. She also talks to me. It's so funny, if i ask her a question she meows back like she knows what I'm saying, sometimes I think I'm going crazy because I actually talk to her like a human!~

Tessa said:

We rescued our bengal cat from a horrible breeder when she was about 6 we have niw had her for about 3 years. She must love my family very much as she does all of those things. She is very happy now and loves to get under the duvet with me :D

nikki said:

As soon as the alarm clock rings I get up n use the bathroom . My cat rodriguez yawn jumps off the bed n lays on th bathroom floor until I'm done then ill sit in front of my mirror n he will sit in my lap! He's my shadow with everything I do! He's lik my child!

Anonymous said:

My cat loves having her tummy rubbed. She never has hissed or bitten me. I'm assuming she either trusts me 100% or she has a very submissive personality. She always wants to cuddle regardless of the time.

me said:

my cat comes up and bites me when i'm petting my dog then walks away but after shes nice idk whats wrong with her

Jayy said:

I have 4 cats. I picked up the kitten as a stray in Canada. Anyways they are all very adorable and loving. My baby Daphne welcomes me home from school everyday. She purrs when I enter and jumps onto the door table and we start rubbing our heads together. I look pretty funny rubbing my head down a cats and saying silly things like "hello my little cat pie" in a baby voice.
My kitten well he's loving but pretty agressive.
Mouser just lies down and exposes his tummy to anyone and Madeline would make friends with a serial killer.

sofia abbygale said:

My cat loves me! I know it when he first saw me sitting in the bedroom he jumps onto my lap and starting to mark me or hugging me whatever you call that. And when i walk away he's following if i run he run if i walk he walks i just really love my cat.

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