Home Alone

cutest-sleeping-kitties10.jpgRemember the "Home Alone" movies? Remember all the mischief that young boy got into? Now, imagine that's your cat.

Our pets must sometimes be left alone. Perhaps, it's everyday, when you have to go to work. Your cat can be lonely without you. You need to give it some things to keep it busy and out of trouble.

If you can provide a companion cat, preferably a sibling, your cat will be better behaved and remain playful well into adulthood. Having another cat to romp and play with will help solve the problem of being alone.

You should definitely consider providing your cat with it's own furniture where it can scratch to it's hearts content. That could be just a scratching post or a cat condo. The cat condo gives it a place to play or rest and will accommodate more than one cat.

Secondly, provide some catnip toys. Cats love to push these little guys around, eventually hiding them for you to find later, pushed under furniture or the door of a closet or cabinet. There are also interactive toys, like Peek-A-Prize, Whirley Mouse and Squeak and Play, a variety of toys that make the sound of a real mouse, that can keep them busy for a long time. Keep their toys where they can easily find them. If you provide a 'toy box' they will know where to look.

pictures_cats_mischief.jpgFew indoor cats get enough exercise, often sleeping for up to 18 hours a day. There are now toys that will automatically release dry food or treats as your cat plays with them. This gives them a diversion with a reward! It's their treat for exercising.

A cat sometimes has a short attention span, so, the more diversions the better for keeping it entertained and out of trouble. With the proper surroundings, your cat can be kept safe, your furniture preserved and your precious pet will be happier.

The author, Pat Lemmons, lives in South Texas with her husband and five pampered house cats. She has owned cats for 10 years, knows cat behavior and operates a retail web site for cat products. The product prices are discounted for maximum savings and donations are made each month to animal shelters from the proceeds of sales on the site. The site features the latest technological products such as the newest, most unique automatic litter boxes, the best quality cat & kitty beds, pet doors, litter boxes & furniture covers, pet carriers, crates and containment, unique artist t-shirts, sweatshirts & nightshirts, and a large selection of kitty condos, trees, scratching posts, cat toys and treats. Nothing but the best for your pampered feline.


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