Send a Valentine's Gift Basket to homeless pets at the shelter

Pictures_of_cat_groomed_and_posing.jpgDon't forget about lonely kitties waiting for a home at the shelter this valentine's day. There are lots of ways that you can help out your local shelter and brighten the lives of sad and abandoned cats.

Just before Christmas, I told you about ways to Help Animals for Under $10.00. But now that the winter is dragging on, and shelters are overrun with abandoned animals due to the recession, the least anyone can do is help them out a bit. So instead of getting the really expensive chocolates for your sweetie, get a smaller box and put the rest of the money toward some new safe toys, or grooming tools or scratching posts or anything that your local shelter might need.

It's hard when money is tight, to think about everyone and everything that needs your help. You get stretched every way and every dollar has to go so much further, but this is such an easy way to help out, and it doesn't have to cost much.

Make it a Happy Valentine's Day for all the lonely kitties in your community.


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