Free to good home: which one would you choose?

I don't know where I saw this ad - I really wish I could remember, if any of you have seen this, please tell me where I got it from. But apparently it was an actual ad that a woman ran.


I thought it was very funny, but a little sad too - the poor kitten was not wanted, luckily the kitten was still young and would find a home.

But if you have a cat that you can't keep for whatever reason, it's never a good idea to give the cat away for free, especially if you are giving them away to strangers. We never like to think about giving away our precious feline friends, and if you do have to give them away, many of us would want to give the cat away for free so as not to be a burden to the person taking the cat.

But something to consider is that when something is given for free, there is less value placed on it, even if it is a living being. There are many cases where kittens were given away and the owner thought she was doing a favor to the kittens and their new owners, but the new owners did hold the kitten's life in high regard. So the kitten was abused or neglected or worse.

Even charging a small amount is better than nothing at all - people who are up to no good or just wanting to 'try out' having a cat are less likely to buy a cat. Also if they are willing to pay for the cat, then they are more likely to take care of the cat.

What to charge? More than $25.00 is best. It's a good number anything lower than that may attract the wrong kind of person to your kitty.


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