Cat sprays owner in heat (video)

OK, this is something different. I was perusing YouTube and I found this video of a cat that sprayed their owner. I've got a neighbour that had this happen to him as well. Although I haven't confirmed it, my neighbor claimed that this is the ultimate sign of effection between cat and human. Apparently this is a way of the cat saying "you are mine."

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I did a quick search on the subject and I came across an answer that that I've seen before on Yahoo Answers. Answer number 3 says the following:

"...My cat did the same thing to me. It's a cats way of saying that "You belong to me" or "This Object belongs to me". It's a cat's way of marking his territory and telling other cats to back off. Hehe, not only has my male cat sprayed Me...3 times... but he also sprayed one of the female cats...THAT HE BROUGHT HOME. Cats are strange, but funny at times,..."

I love my cat but I'm not sure how I would react to Maddy spraying me. I think I know my cat pretty well but I can totally see her doing this to me when I least expect it.


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