Winnie the cat detects gas and saves her human family

The Keesling family of New Castle, Indiana is alive today because of their heroic cat, Winnie, who meowed loudly and paced up and down the bed to wake her humans when she detected a deadly gas leak.

03F956EE-2A9A-4E2F-BD96-91F4B6BAA231.jpgRead the report of the events of that night and about the reward given to Winnie for saving her family.

What I find interesting is that the cat, Winnie detected an odorless gas. According to the reports, Winnie detected it and then worked really hard to wake everyone up, even after the mom, Cathy repeatedly fainted as she made her way to the phone to call 911. I know cats noses are more sensitive than a human's sense of smell, but I really don't think Winnie was able to detect the gas.

What I think happened is Winnie detected changes in her human's behavior and breathing and got alarmed. One report even said that the 14 year old son had gone into the bathroom and passed out on the way back to his bedroom. His fall would have scared Winnie and she would have gone to wake up Cathy, the mom.

Every time I am sick or something unusual happens, Neo gets all freaked out and walks around meowing. That seems to be the kind of thing that cats do, they are really good at detecting differences in human behavior and are really good and knowing when people are in distress. So I think Winnie was looking out for her humans and did the right thing even if she wasn't able to detect the gas.

Does anyone have any stories of cats who can sense moods or distress in their humans? Please comment below.


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