The perfect pet for the Obamas would be a cat!

barack_cats.jpgEveryone knows that the Obamas will be adopting a pet and word on the street is that it will be a rescued dog from a shelter. Well, in my opinion a dog would be nice, even two dogs. I hear there are two Golden Retriever puppies that have been rescued from a puppy mill that would be perfect for the Obamas and the White House. But I think the Obama girls deserve to grow up with the love of two wonderful and happy cats too!

I might be a little biased, considering the fact that I am a hard core cat lover, but you have to admit that cats and dogs are different. Here's what I mean.

Dogs are wonderful companions that you can get out and do things with, they are like the fun pals you hang out with on the weekends. Cats are more like the soul mate or close friend that you can talk to about anything and who is always there for you, through thick and thin. In my opinion, two girls entering the world of politics on an international level at such a young age are bound to need someone to talk to about things they can't tell anyone else. Am I right?

Yes, I am and you know it too. Now I don't know what it's like to grow up in the White House, except for the fact that my house when I was growing up happened to be white. But I am sure that any teenage angst or drama is going to be amplified because their lives are going to be open to the world. Anything they think, do, or hope for will be closely monitored by every newspaper and magazine world wide. In essence the days of privacy are over.

So in light of this loss of freedom, and keeping in mind that these two girls will be watched closely, it might be a good idea for the Obamas to adopt two cats for them too. Cats are really good listeners and they show love in a more intimate way than dogs. Cats will stare at you lovingly when your heart is broken, and purr in your ear when you need to shut out the voices, and knead you and nuzzle you when you need to feel close to another living being but can't.

D27EF679-B93B-4110-96AB-EF1780B422E4.jpgCats offer a deep relationship because they are so human like in their emotions and responses. They feel what you feel. You know what I mean, cats feel sad when you feel sad and happy when you feel happy and they know exactly what you are feeling, when you are feeling it. Exactly what those two girls, Malia Ann and Natasha need.

So Mr. President, take it from one who has lived with cats and without cats, and who relied on the love and devotion of a cat throughout her difficult teenage years. There is nothing like the friendship of a cat. I'm not saying don't adopt the dogs, please do, your very complex daughters will need to have multiple furry friends to help them cope with the stresses of living in the White House. So do your daughters a favor and get them two dogs, but also get them two cats. You will be sending a message to them that says you love them and understand all aspects of them. You'll also be sending a message to America.


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