Never point lasers at your cat's eyes.

Cats love laser pointers, the little red light moving and dancing around is so intriguing to them. I had one for a while and Neo went crazy for it. He'd even come running if he heard the click when I accidentally turned the light on!

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Pictures_Kitten_cats_Attacks.jpgLaser pointers are an excellent way for cats to get some exercise and to have fun indoors. When you are looking to buy a laser, there are some things you need to know about the power levels. Before you buy.

Lasers are measured in milliwatts (mW) and you want the lowest number possible, somewhere around 5 or 10 mW is safest. To give you an example of the power of lasers, a 55mW laser can put holes in plastic and even pop a balloon. Any laser with enough power to put holes in plastic is too dangerous to use with your cat or dog. Be cautious when buying a laser pointer for your cat.

I recommend getting the laser pointers that are pens too - they are inexpensive and are the safest. They come in 5mW and cost about $5.00. You can use them as a pen too, so they serve a couple of purposes.

I spoke to two opthamologists about laser pointers because my daughter had looked directly at the light once. Both doctors said the same thing, if the power level is 10mW or below and the exposure time is low, then it is relatively safe. But both of the doctors agreed that even at such low power levels there is danger of eye damage if you point the light directly into the eye.

The important thing to remember is cat's eyes are even more sensitive than human's eyes, so the possibility for eye damage increases. The bottom line is this, have fun with the pointer, shine it up on walls, just out of your cat's reach, shine it along the floor and watch your cat chase after it. However,

Do Not Shine Lasers at a Cat's Eyes.

Post your stories about cats and lasers below, I'd love to hear about how your cat reacts to the little light.

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brittany martin said:

hey i love that kitten it is so pretty the only thing i need to know are you trying to get rid of it and is it a bobtail kitten

Melanie said:

Hi Brittany,

That kitten is adorable, but it's not mine and I honestly don't know who it belongs to. I have a huge collection of cat pictures that I use for posts and this one is one of my favorites. I wish I could help, but if you check out your local shelter you might find a kitten to adopt, especially in the spring. Usually, shelters have too many kittens around april, may and june. You might even find a bobtail!


Brendon said:

Our cat Merlin loves his laser, he loves it so much that when we shine it on the roof his mouth starts to quiver and might give out a very low meow.

Even at times we just point to the roof and go, "whats that Merlin" and he will do the same thing even though the laser is not there.

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