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funny-dog-pictures-some-dogs-find-lolcats-amusing1.jpgHave you ever visited the Lolcats website? If not, you'll want to bookmark it and go back often. It's one of my favorite cat websites when I need a lift, a laugh or to just see some funny pictures of cats.

There are a few inside jokes you need to know before you go, you'll catch on quickly, but just to give you a heads up about some of the cat humor here are some tips:

The captions (capshuns) are usually written from the cat's point of view and as if the cat himself wrote them. The next thing to keep in mind is that if cats could type, they'd write out the captions phonetically, not using correct spelling and grammar. It's kind of like baby talk, except with cats, and cat interests.

I find that the best way to read it, is to sound out the word, just like you did in grade school. Look at the words and say them aloud. It makes it much more funny if you say it like the cat would if he could speak and if he could write. It also helps you figure out what the words are and what they mean - the spelling is very creative.

Something you need to know to is that black cats are some times referred to as basement cat and white cats are sometimes referred to as ceiling cat. Basement cat is a bit naughty, maybe even evil and ceiling cat is often worshipped.

funny-pictures-cat-paper-ball-recession.jpgAnother joke that keeps coming up is a thing with a bucket. yes, a bucket, a pail, and a walrus. Back at the beginning when LOLcats - I can has cheezburger was new, there was a few pictures of a walrus and a bucket, and the joke just kind of grew from then on. Sometimes you'll see the bucket reappear.

For a complete breakdown of Lolcats Grammar, visit How to speak lolcat. Or if you want an English to lolcat translator, visit Speak Lolcat. Or the best place to learn to speak lolcat is to go to LOLspeak as a second language in 5 easy steps.

Other than that, the humor is very cute and if you love cats, it will put a smile on your face at the very least. Most of the time when I visit there is one that makes me laugh really hard and I save it in a special LOLcats folder on my desktop just to look at when I need a good laugh. What are some of your favorite LOLcats?

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