Dollar Store Treats Might End Up Costing You More

unhappy_cat.jpgA while ago, I blogged about how you can help shelter cats for under $10.00. In that post I recommend going to a dollar store and I still do, but be cautious when purchasing cat treats or cat food from a dollar store.

I found this article about Dog Treats from dollar stores. Apparently, to keep costs down, the actual nutritional value of the ingredients in the treats is really low so you are not really helping your pet, your really only feeding them junk food. Another issue is that often the pet foods are expired so you could make your cat very, very sick if you purchase discounted food.

But here is the underlying bigger problem, cheap or expired ingredients can contain poisonous toxins - do we have to revisit the Menu Foods cat food recall issue to be reminded that thousands of cats and dogs were killed due to poison in the food? By buying dollar store or discounted pet foods and treats, you are increasing your chances of feeding your cat poison.

If you are looking for low cost treats and you can't find ones that work with your budget or your cat's palate, try a little chunk of tuna from a can before you mix in the mayo, or a little bit of roasted chicken or raw liver (ever wondered what to do with the organ meat from whole chickens?) My sister's cat loves chicken livers as a treat. Just chop it and freeze it in treat size portions.

There are ways to be frugal without killing your cat.


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Leslie said:

I would never suggest buying either food or treats for animals from Dollar Store or even some of the toys that might break or lodge in the animal mouths...it is like everything u do for your own child,get the best from a place u trust. Collar/leashes/bowls/balls/brush+combs are useful safe items from there though.

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