Do cats need fish oil supplements? Fish oil: an inexpensive way to keep kitty healthy.

Do cats really need supplements? Most people are doing the best they can to keep themselves and their cats healthy while still trying to save money. In this economic downturn, many people are turning to less expensive cat food to save some money and to hang on to their pets longer. But what about nutrition? how can you ensure your cat gets proper nutrition while eating cat food that may not have enough quality nutrition?

E3FAF546-CCDC-4F78-80F6-F44121215731.jpgSupplements. I know, I know, if you aren't able to buy supplements yourself, why would you start buying supplements for your cat? let me explain.

Fish oil, specifically cod liver oil is inexpensive and provides minerals that help keep eyes, joints, heart and lungs healthy. Not only for you cat, you can take it too! Cod liver oil is a high quality source of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Dr. Michael Fox says, "I get tired of plugging fish oil at every turn, but it IS a miracle supplement.... Cod liver oil, up to a tablespoon a day...may help your poor cat."

If you go to a pharmacy, or grocery store, you can find cod liver oil in capsule or liquid form. The oil is not expensive at all - I paid $5.00 for a quart and Neo loves it. Keep the oil refrigerated and give it to your cat as a treat, 1 tsp at a time. Your cat will love the fishy flavor and you can rest assured that you are providing good nutrition for your cat without spending too much money.


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It is not necessary to buy special fish oil for cats as the ones we use work just fine, and even better in some cases as the purity levels tend to be higher.

Lisa said:

If its good for the cat then why not?

KT said:

If you have a fussy cat that does not like the taste of the fish oil liquid and they are good at taking pills - check out:   PetitePetPills.com
There is a small ( half the size of what's on the market for the pet industry) fish oil capsule that cats can swallow and small dogs take in about 5-10 seconds with no cutting, disguising or fussing.
This is pure salmon oil and is rated for human use - so it's pure and it's certified. One pill daily works for cats and small dogs 15 lbs and under, and it's really perfect for cats and small dogs under 10 lbs.

100% Satisfaction guaranteed. Contact the staff - if you have any questions!

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