The best posts from 2008, Part I

With the end of the year quickly approaching, I thought I would highlight some of the most popular posts for the year. While you're reading and looking at some of these posts, sit back and play the Al Stewart, Year of the Cat video. Between the bad hair and gnarly clothing, I'm not sure what's more funny about this video. The dude is wearing a leather jacket with pink flowers on it, trust me, it's worth a look! LOL! The challenge is to get through this video without cracking up!

This will be a multi-part post so stick around and check out some of the highlights from 2008:

  • Paris Hilton thought it would be a great idea to abandon this cat.
  • The year's most popular talking cats
  • Can you ever get enough of Simon's cat?
  • Woman gets hugged by a 400 lb African Lion!
  • 12 cats that will be extinct by 2020
  • An engineer's guide to cats..(video)
  • Yes friends, a cat that scuba dives! (video)
  • Bowmanville Zoo is the worst zoo in North America
  • Owning a cat cuts your risk of heart disease by 30%!
  • Who could forget about Christian the Lion? What an amazing story
  • Neo just pooped out a balloon..pretty self-explanatory
  • Cat saves 97 year woman from fire

  • Be safe and have a great new years eve! Thanks for reading our blog. Tune in tomorrow for more 2008 highlights.

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