Neo on the vent

Picture_cat_Neo_vent.jpgThe furnace stopped working last night, so it got a little cold in here by morning. Fortunately, the furnace repair man came by ten this morning so we didn't suffer too long. It turns out it was just a faulty sensor that was easily replaced and the furnace was working just fine within a few minutes. Neo was very happy to feel hot air coming up through the vent again! This is a picture of him lying down on the vent when the heat started again.

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Apparently, cats love heat so much because if you go far enough back in their genealogy, cats are from the desert. So seeking out the best heat source is genetic! It might also have to do with the fact that kittens spend so much of their first few weeks close to their mom's warm belly, getting food and cuddles whenever the kitten wanted.

desk_napping.jpgIf you are looking for a place to designate for kitty, try a window seat in the sun or a warm blanket up on a high piece of furniture - heat rises and cats love to be on a perch above everyone. Please don't get your cat an electric blanket or heat pad - their nails or teeth can puncture it and cause serious injury. Neo also loves to sit under the lamp in my office, it's like his very own tanning salon!

It's funny that an animal with so much fur loves so much heat. Have you noticed your cat gravitating toward heat sources? Like Neo loves it when I put the fire on, and fleece blankets are his favorite. He will sit on anything warm. What about your cat? What warm spot does he or she like?

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