Neo loves his i-Dog

Neo_Idog_napping.jpgNeo, like most cats, loves to take naps throughout the day. And he usually finds a funny position to sleep in or a funny place to sleep. But today was particularly funny.

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I have an i-Dog on my desk (I also have an i-Cat, of course!) I don't turn it on very often but once in a while, I turn it on while I'm listening to music and working in the office. So I had the i-Dog out and left it on the desk. When I came back, I caught Neo leaning his head against the i-Dog's face! He's such a funny cat!

Neo_loves_Idog.jpgI got a couple shots of him. He was leaning so hard on the I-dog, Neo's cheek was pushed up - very funny, that cat of mine. I thought it was cute that he chose to lean against the i-Dog, and not the i-Cat. He's such a lover. He loves all species, even electronic dogs!

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