Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you, I hope you had a safe and happy holiday.


Neo loved his new toys, well maybe he loved the wrapping paper and boxes more than the actual toys, but he had a great day anyway. These first pictures are of Neo examining his present.


I wrapped a little bit of catnip in with the toy and once he got a whiff of the cat nip, he wanted to get that present opened!


The toy was a wind up toy that made clicking noises and unwound itself when it was tapped. Neo likes smart toys like that, he likes toys that do things to get his attention. Around noon, he disappeared for the rest of the afternoon. I found him curled up on a sweater on my bed, he looked like he was in a deep sleep. He had a busy morning playing with his new toys as you can see.


Merry Christmas everyone!

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Leslie said:

What a beautiful coat Neo has & looks like he had a blast! lol Mattie got a tunnel with crinkles and a rocker with hidden ball..she is worn out also!

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