Make tax deductible donations before the fiscal year is over.

cat.jpgAlthough you can make donations anytime of year, now is the perfect time to make tax deductible donations to one of these charitable cat and animal organizations before the fiscal year is over. At this time, most charitable organizations are working out their budgets for the upcoming year so any donations of money and donations of time, services or items on a wish list are always welcome.

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Yesterday, I told you about my favorite humane places to shop online where proceeds go toward helping cats and other animals. BUt today, I'd like to tell you about some of the places that can use your tax deductible donation money to continue that work. It benefits everyone, saves you some money to the IRS and it helps cats. It's a win-win!

1. Cat House of the Kings is a no cage, no kill, lifetime cat sanctuary and adoption centre for cats and some dogs. It is completely non profit organization that gets no government or public funding, it relies completely on donations made directly to the cat house on the kings. All donations are tax deductible.

2. Alley Cat Allies is a nationwide advocacy organization for the protection and humane treatment of cats, especially feral cats. There work has helped countless cats over the past 20 years and with continued community support. Make donations of as little as 5.00 to as much as you can afford, you can even donate your old car!

3. Feral Cat Project promotes a trap, neuter, release program and will help you start your own clinic. They work with people who are feeding strays to make the cat's lives a little more comfortable while they continue to live out their days as feral cats. Some cats are adoptable but all of them need donations, time and supplies.

4. ASPCA - The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a large national humane organization founded in 1866. By donating to the ASPCA you are actually helping all cats and animals across the nation. The ASPCA fights against animal cruelty to all animals, not just companion animals. So when you donate, your money is going to support animals of all types.

5. PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Donations to PETA help animals suffering and dying in laboratories, factory farms, fur industry and in inhumane circuses. Become a member, make a monthly or one time donation or get involved by becoming aware of the products you buy and the impact they have on animals.

Tell me about any local organizations that you donate your time, money or supplies to in the comments section below.

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