How to clean your cat's ears

Pictures_cats_clean_ears.jpgCheck your cat's ears for wax build up and for ear mites. Clean ears mean a healthy cat and you can save money on vet bills if you check and clean your cat's ears.

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How do you know if your cat has ear mites?

Usually, there are several signs to tell you your cat has ear mites. If your cat frequently scratches his ears, shakes his head and if his ears look dirty inside, chances are she has ear mites. Don't treat ear mites at home. Your cat could lose his hearing or get an infection. The ear drops your vet will prescribe are not expensive and give your cat the relief he needs.

Pictures_cats_cleaning_ears.jpgYou'll prbably need a second pair of hands to give him the drops. but it's possible to do it by yourself. When I have to give Neo medication or when I brush his teeth I sit down on the floor with my legs pressed against my chest with Neo held securely between my legs and my chest. This gives me two hands to do what I have to do. In this case, one hand to hold his head and the other hand to administer the drops.

Before he shakes his head, you have to massage the ear. Never put your fingers into the cat's ear, just hold his ear at the base and gently squeeze and rub. Then stand back as he shakes his head - some of the drops will come flying out!

How do you clean your cat's ears?

pictures_cats_big_ears.jpgNever use cotton swabs or Q-tips - they are very dangerous and you can end up seriously hurting your cat or can make him lose his hearing. Instead, use those big fluffy cotton balls. Hold your cat on your lap like I mentioned above or get some help to hold him and then gently wipe away any visible debris with the cotton ball. If it's not coming out, slightly moisten the cloth with warm water - careful not to get water in the cat's ears, just use enough water to make the cotton ball slightly wet, but not soaking wet and wipe gently.

Don't stick your fingers inside the cat's ear and don't be rough. Your cat has 32 muscles in his ear and many delicate intricate parts that clumsy human fingers can easily damage.

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