Cat jumps and misses video, cat safety tips...

The video below is one of the top cat videos online today. It features a cat that is trying to jump to a cluttered desk only to realize that the paper that she was aiming for wasn't supported by anything; the cat ends up falling to the ground violently. Apparently the cat is fine and it's kind of funny to look at but it brings up an important point to consider if you're a cat owner. Making your home safe for your cat will go a long way to preventing any serious injuries.

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Here are a couple of tips:

  • Don't leave papers hanging over the edges of tables. Watch the video and you'll get my point.
  • It's Christmas time and and that traditionally means people get poinsettias for their homes. Poinsettias are pure poison to cats. Don't bring them into your home if you're a cat owner.
  • Don't leave chocolate lying around. Chocolate has an chemical within it that will kill your cat.
  • If you have any balconies that overlook another floor, be careful not to leave any decorations that your cat is inclined to play with. Cats typically get injured by shorter falls as apposed to longer falls. Shorter falls (two floors or less) don't always give your cat enough time to have all paws pointing to the ground.
  • Get a knife holder for the kitchen, an unsuspecting cat may get hurt by jumping on to a counter top or by simply marking the knife accidentally. This is rare but it happens.
  • During the holidays, watch your electrical cords. If you see that your cat is gnawing at the cords, you might want to consider taking the decoration down or moving it. Cats have been known to electrocute themselves on christmas light decorations.
  • Curtain cords are extremely dangerous to a cat's health. Cats will play will play with them and there is the possibility that your cat could strangle itself. It happens so be careful.
  • If you have any other tips that might be helpful. List them below, we'd love to hear from you.

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